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Littleroot Town
The most southern town on the main landmass of Hoenn, Littleroot is, additionally, the smallest burg that can get away with calling itself a town in the region. Just because it's small, however, doesn't mean it doesn't have some distinction - Professor Birch, a noted researcher of Pokémon habitat and behavior, runs his lab here. Additionally, some notable up-and-coming young trainers are said to have grown up in this town.

There is no Mart nor Center in this town, so trainers are encouraged to continue onwards to Oldale Town if they happen to be passing through.

The town is landlocked and surrounded by forest on all sides; there is only one short route that leads out into the rest of Hoenn. Route 101 heads north, straight to Oldale Town; wild Poochyena, Wurmple, and Zigzagoon can be found roaming the small clearings of the forest.

Gym: None
Routes: 101 (North)

Oldale Town
Another small town in the southern section of Hoenn. Oldale Town is known for primarily being a stopover between Littleroot Town and Petalburg City; there is little of interest here, besides a Pokémon Center and a PokéMart.

Besides route 101, two routes continue onwards into the more populated areas of Hoenn - route 102 stretches out to the west, towards Petalburg City, while route 103 heads east, connecting with route 110, and thus serving as a shortcut between western Hoenn and the centers of Mauville and Slateport. However, a Pokémon capable of crossing water is required to use this shortcut - a fairly swift river cuts the route in two.

Gym: None
Routes: 101 (South), 102 (West), 103 (East)

Petalburg City
Petalburg is one of the region's smaller cities, nestled in the forests of southern Hoenn. However, it is still host to a busy Pokémon Center - besides being the location of the Petalburg Gym, the city also serves as a stopover between Rustboro City and Dewford Town. The citizens pride themselves on their close relationship with the natural beauty that exists around them, as can be seen in the town's motto: "Where People Mingle with Nature".

To the east of the city, route 104 heads north towards Rustboro, crossing through the Petalburg Woods. The woods are home to a number of insect-type Pokémon, particularly Wurmple, Cascoon, and Silcoon. Additionally, some beasts such as Slakoth and Zigzagoon can be found there, along with numerous Taillow. Mushroom pickers be wary, as Shroomish sometimes mix themselves up in the forest fungi. Travellers should stick to the paths outlined within the forest, although there is little harm in wandering off - only to the east does the forest get particularly thick.

The southern end of route 104 bridges into a series of water routes, 105 and 106, leading to Dewford Town. A cheerful sailor living on route 104, Mr Briney, can be convinced to give travellers a ride down to the island town, if they've not the ability to navigate the waves themselves. There is an odd cave situated on an island in route 105, but it is blocked by a door no one has been able to open.

Gym: Petalburg Gym
Routes: 102 (East), 104 (West) ==> Petalburg Woods, Routes 105/106 (South, South-East)

Rustboro City
One of the largest cities in Hoenn is its technological centre, Rustboro. The bustling metropolis is home to a large amount of scientists and technologists - but even here, nature is not shunned. Its motto is "the city probing the integration of nature and science". It is home to the Devon Corporation, which manufactures most Pokéballs and other useful trainers' items used in the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions, along with serving as a research centre for a fossilization recovery programme. The Pokémon Trainer's School is located near the local Center, and is a helpful place for those wishing to become trainers. Lastly, the Rustboro Gym is located here, rewarding deserving trainers with the Stone Badge.

From Rustboro, one can head north to access route 115, although only trainers with surfing Pokémon can continue on to Meteor Falls from here. Heading south down this route is much easier - the steps of the mountain containing the falls are tricky to negotiate.

Heading eastwards from the city, route 116 is found. This route terminates in the Rusturf Tunnel, and is also home to the drillers of Devon Corp who are working on the underground route that will eventually connect the cities of Rustboro and Verdanturf. It's said, though, that the noises coming from drilling the tunnel are affecting the local population of Whismur, and some protest has occured throughout the area - construction has halted because of this, but enterprising trainers should still be able to find a way through.

Gym: Rustboro Gym
Routes: 104 (South), 115 (North) ==> Meteor Falls, 116 (East) ==> Rusturf Tunnel

Dewford Town
Dewford is located on an island in the southwest portion of Hoenn. It is a small community, but well-known throughout the region for being on the cutting edge of trends and fashion. Fishing is a well-loved pastime of the locals, as well as a source of income, alongside tourism. Trainers bewarned that there is no Pokémart here, although there is a gym that specializes in fighting-type Pokémon.

Only by boat or surfing Pokémon can Dewford be accessed. Trainers coming from the north may travel through the water routes 105 and 106 - the Granite Cave on 106 is an attraction to many rock collectors, although bringing along a powerful light may be advised if one wishes to explore the deeper sections of the caverns.

Heading east from Dewford will bring you to the water routes 107, 108, and 109. There is little remarkable along these routes, although 108 is home to an abandoned ship, the S.S. Cactus, that had the misfortune to run aground on the rocky coastline. Some trainers prefer to use the old ship as a training and battleground.

109, reached by continuing east and north from 108, is primarily a sandy beach area just south of Slateport City.

Gym: Dewford Gym
Routes: 106 (North), 107 (East)

Slateport City
A major port town of Hoenn, Slateport is located on the southern coast of Hoenn. It was founded primarily due to the clean water surrounding the area, jumpstarting its agricultural industry. It's home to a rather large open-air market that holds a number of interesting (and often eccentric) shops and their wares. The city has a lighthouse for guiding passing ships, and is also is home to the Hoenn branch of the Pokémon Fan Club, and the famed Oceanic Museum. There's also a shipyard, which is currently busy building a large ferry, the S.S. Tidal, set to run between Slateport and Lilycove City.

Although there is no gym here, Slateport hosts the Hyper Rank Pokémon Contest House, as well as the Hoenn Grand Festival, a festival and high-rank contest dedicated to Pokémon breeders.

Route 110 lies north of Slateport, and heads towards Mauville City. There are two ways to traverse this route: a raised platformed shortcut known as the Seaside Cycling Road, and a grassy land bridge underneath for those who do not own a bicycle. Many trainers haunt the cycling road, particularly those interested in sporting events. The Trick House is also located on route 110, home to a master of tricks who enjoys testing trainers who he deems strong enough with puzzles.

East of the city is route 134, but the strong current that runs through this waterway is too much for any Pokémon; it's only approachable from route 133.

Gym: None
Contest Hall: Hyper Rank
Routes: 109 (South), 110 (North), 134 (East)

Mauville City
Mauville is the most central city of Hoenn, and along with Slateport, serves as a hub for travellers through the region - it is the only gateway to the eastern parts of the region that doesn't require water traversal. It is a bright and colourful city, and is home to many touristy attractions, including the Mauville Game Corner, where aspiring gamblers can while away their time in hopes of attaining enough coins to trade for TMs or Pokémon dolls. There's also a bike shop that's quite popular, as the Seaside Cycling Road is located right to the south of the city.

The New Mauville power plant is also located nearby - underneath of the main city, in fact, accessible by route 110. The plant is quite large, supplying almost all of the power needed in Hoenn. Accordingly, many electric-type Pokémon can be found here.

From Mauville, a number of locales are reachable - Slateport lies directly south, while Verdanturf Town is easily accessible by travelling west across route 117. Route 117 is also notable for the Pokémon Daycare that can be found on it - new breeders are encouraged to stop by for breeding instruction and tips by the elderly couple there.

To the north of the city lies route 111, an extremely long and varied route leading to the northmost coast of Hoenn - a forested section is found in the south, later turning into canyons and an extensive desert. Be wary of sandstorms! The Winstrate family, a dedicated family of trainers, lives on the southern section of the route. A strange, blocked cave can also be found, buried in the desert, and some people have reported sightings of a tower, although it is believed it is nothing but a mirage. Routes 112 and 113, along with Mount Chimney, are accessible from here.

Finally, route 118 travels eastward out of the city. A very large river splits the route in two - trainers are advised to bring along a surfing Pokémon. 118 adjoins with routes 119 to the north and 123 to the east, in a loop around Fortree City.

Gym: Mauville Gym
Routes: 110 (South), 111 (North), 117 (West), 118 (East)

Verdanturf Town
A small highland town in central Hoenn, Verdanturf is renowed throughout the region for two things: first, its air is extremely clean and fragrant with the scent of grass and flowers, and is said to be wonderous for sickly and frail people. Second, it is the location of the Normal Rank Pokémon Contest House - hence, it is the first stop for starting-out breeders in the region.

Aside from route 117 in the east, the only way out of town is through the halted Rusturf Tunnel and route 116 (see Rustboro City) . A bit of smashing might be in order...

Gym: None
Contest Hall: Normal Rank
Routes: 117 (East), Rusturf Tunnel (West)

Fallarbor Town
Nestled in the mountains of northeast Hoenn lies the town of Fallarbor. It's quite remote and tiny, probably due to the fact that it lies extremely close to the volcano, Mt Chimney. Ash from the volcano constantly falls near the town, and although this produces some very fertile soil, the acrid quality of it also restricts what can be grown here. The Super Rank contest house is in this town, as well as the home of a meteoriticist, Professor Cozmo.

To reach Fallarbor, one must travel either north from Rustboro, through Meteor Falls, or west from the northern tip of route 111. While reaching Meteor Falls can be something of a feat, the cave itself, while large, is easily travelled. Just don't fall into the namesake of the place! The north entrance of the falls is located at route 114, a short hop across a lake from Fallarbor. Some of the oldest rock formations of Hoenn can be found in this route. The technician Lanette lives here, working away on the Pokémon storage system that she collaborated with Bill on.

Route 113, on the other hand, is a dark and cold route - not only is it one of the northernmost routes of Hoenn, but the usual sunlight is blocked out by falling soot and ash from Mt Chimney. It's a very rocky route, and everything here, even the grass, is covered with the wayward soot. The workers of the Glass Workshop here will be quite happy if you stop and collect some of the soot for them, however.

Gym: None
Contest Hall: Super Rank
Routes: 113 (East), 114 (West)

Lavaridge Town
Lavaridge is a small town located in central Hoenn, to the south of Mt Chimney. It is nestled away between mountains and volcano, but yet, people still come to visit. It's a pretty little place, and there's one specialty there that can draw just about any crowd - the town has a lovely hot spring, which is said to calm tension, relieve muscle ache, solve romantic problems, and attract money. There's also a gym, for the battleminded, and a herb shop that specializes in Pokémon medicine.

The town, however, is quite difficult to travel to. Only two routes connect it to the rest of the region, and of those, only one actually leads into the city - the other makes for an easy shortcut to leave, but is impossible to climb back up again.

From the sprawling route 111, one must travel west to route 112 from the beginning of the desert - not that many are able to continue northward, without proper equipment for dealing with the sand and heat. Route 112 is home to the Fiery Path, a shortcut through the underground of Mt Chimney that allows travellers to bypass the desert. There is also a gondola service that carries wanderers to the peak of Mt Chimney. The volcano still bubbles away, but there's been no sign of eruptive activity in many a year.

There is a fable that the legendary Pokémon Groudon sleeps somewhere within the mountain, but these rumours are unverified - chances are, if it's there, it's too deep in the volcano for any human to traverse safely.

From this fiery peak, travellers can go south through the Jagged Pass, a rocky series of steppes that leads to Lavaridge - there are many steep ledges and rocks, and tourists are warned to beware their footing. The Jagged Pass is said to be the location of the nefarious Team Magma's hideout, but no-one has yet discovered it who wasn't meant to.

Once in Lavaridge, however, one can go directly east into route 112, hopping over a series of ledges to arrive at the base of the mountain again.

Gym: Lavaridge Gym
Routes: Jagged Pass (Northeast), Route 112 (East)

Fortree City
One of the strangest communities in Hoenn is that of the northern city, Fortree. Most of the city's buildings, aside from the local Center, Mart, and gym, are treehouses! Everyone in the city is quite healthy and lively, due to the exercise they get from scaling their homes. There is very little construction here that interferes with the natural forest, and because of this, the cityfolk live much closer to wild Pokémon here than they do in other towns. There is also much rainfall in the area, which is what enabled the trees to grow so large to be able to support houses and businesses.

Two rather long paths lead in and out of Fortree - routes 119 and 120. It's quite remote! Route 119 is an extremely long north-south aligned road that meets up with route 118 and its southern terminus. Very tall grass grows in much of the route, making bicycle travel impossible. The weather conditions are also quite variable, sun changing to rain or thunderstorms in the blink of an eye - travellers are cautioned about these changing conditions. The main thing that draws trainers to this route is that it is the only place in Hoenn to catch wild Feebas, which can then be evolved into the lovely Milotic. The Hoenn Weather Institute is located on this route, which tracks meteorlogical patterns across the region.

There is little of note about route 120, other than it suffers from the same mazes of grass and variable weather as route 119. Additionally, there are two small caves located here - one is known as the Ancient Tomb, but it has been sealed since anyone in the area can remember. The other is the Scorched Slab, a small, partially flooded cave found in a small lake in the north end of the route. Route 120 joins up with route 121 at is southern point, heading east to Lilycove City.

Gym: Fortree Gym
Routes: 119 (West), 120 (East)

Lilycove City
The largest city and capital of Hoenn (and rivalling almost all of those in nearby regions in size!), Lilycove is a huge, bustling port and business centre. It is the most eastern city on Hoenn's major landmass, and is the largest point of connection for people arriving and departing from the region. In the sprawling city, one can find a large hotel for travellers, the largest department store in Hoenn, a museum with fine art and paintings on display, the Hoenn branch of the Pokémon Trainer Fan Club, the headquarters for Hoenn TV, and last but not least, the Master Rank Contest Hall. Quite a few of Lilycove's visitors are prizewinning trainers, come to show off their best Pokémon in the master-level contests. There are also a number of fine beaches on the city's east end, and from here, trainers with Surfing Pokémon can set out to the easternmost islands and cities. It is rumoured that Team Aqua makes its base somewhere near Lilycove City, but as to where? Who knows?

To reach Lilycove from the rest of the continent, one must travel route 121 from route 120 (from Fortree). The route is rather unremarkable, except for two junctions it contains - to the north, Hoenn's Safari Zone can be found, and to the south, Mt Pyre can be reached.
The Safari Zone is a large Pokémon reserve, where trainers can pay a fee to be able to capture certain species - most are imports from the Kanto and Johto regions. No battles are allowed; the place is one where only luck, not skill, matters.

Mt Pyre is located on route 122, branching off of route 121. It is a large, natural rock island-and-cave formation, and serves as a memorial to deceased Pokémon, similar to Kanto's Pokémon Tower. Many graves of the departed beasties can be found here, along with grieving trainers paying their respects. An old, wise couple living on the summit of the mountain take care of the place - along with guarding some of Hoenn's most mysterious legends.

From the south point of route 122, people can continue to route 123, a route only traversable to the west (and thus serving as a shortcut from Lilycove to Mauville), which meets up with route 118.
Travelling east out of Lilycove Harbour takes trainers to the water route 124, the first of many connecting the eastern islands with the rest of the continent. 124 meets up with route 126, which is home to the inactive volcano island that houses Sootopolis City, and continues eastward to route 127. Mossdeep City is found both at the eastern end of 124, and the north end of the sprawling 127. Route 128, which leads to Ever Grande City, is found at the south end of 127. All of these water routes are home to large sections of very deep undersea canyons - a Pokémon capable of Diving can be used to travel these sections of the sea floor. Sootopolis, in fact, is only reachable by Diving beneath the waves.

Gym: None
Contest Hall: Master Rank
Routes: 121 (West), 124 (East) ==> 126, 127, 128

Mossdeep City
An island city located in the eastern parts of Hoenn, Mossdeep is a sunny, cheerful place covered with plants and flowers. The winds are also fairly stable, and due to its neutral weather, it was chosen as the site for a large space centre, which launches many rockets and satellites, to be built. The city also has made a good business out of Wailmer-watching, and is the only place in Hoenn where Dive and Net Pokéballs are manufactured. Additionally, it is rumoured that an underwater cavern near the seafloor of Mossdeep holds a large collection of evolutionary stones. Steven Stone, the current Hoenn League champion, has a cottage on this island.

Mossdeep can be approached by either routes 124 or 127. There's also a small route to the north of the city, route 125, which contains the Shoal Cave - a popular place for Pokémon trainers, as it is home to an icy underground section, the coldest place in Hoenn. The cave is known to be inaccessible in certain parts, depending on the time of day - as the tides go in and out, the cave floods and empties. Two trips are often needed to explore the place fully.

Mossdeep also has a ferry terminal of a rather unusual sort - the ferry is actually a submarine, capable of diving down into the crevasses of the seafloor. It travels back and forth between Mossdeep and Sootopolis, and is the only way for non-trainers (or those who aren't able to Dive) to enter the walled city.

Gym: Mossdeep Gym
Routes: 124 (West), 125 (North), 127 (South)

Sootopolis City
One of the most striking and beautiful cities of Hoenn is that of Sootopolis. It was formed when an underwater volcano erupted, long ago, and forced its crater up from the sea. Homes and buildings are built right into the white stone sides of the long-dead crater, and people traverse the city by many long series of stairs. The night-time view is fantastic, as the stars peer in from the top of the crater. The final gym of Hoenn, the last hurdle to the League, is also present here.

The city also contains a mysterious place known as the Cave of Origin, a place of creation and life that serves as the counterpoint for Mt Pyre. Residents of the city are not allowed within the cave; it is guarded by the current gym leader, Wallace.

While Sootopolis is situated right in the middle of route 126, it is only accessible by going underwater and surfacing up in the middle of it. This can be accomplished either by a Diving Pokémon, or by taking the submarine ferry from Mossdeep.

Gym: Sootopolis Gym
Routes: 126 (Diving), Mossdeep Ferry

Ever Grande City
Although labelled a city, Ever Grande is one in name only - the only buildings here are a Pokémon Center, and the giant complex that hosts the Hoenn League. This, however, is more than enough to attract trainers and Pokémon fans from all over the region - only the best of the best do battle here, in an attempt to capture the champion title. The entire isle is covered in flowers, a veritable paradise - except for the fact that it also contains Victory Road, a mazelike cavern full of ferocious Pokémon and trainers.

The island itself is surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs - only those who have a Pokémon able to climb waterfalls can enter. Victory Road bisects the island in two, and trainers must pass through it in order to reach the League seat, navigating its rock, water, and bridge mazes.
Any who make it to the end of the Road, however, are within reach of the championship - the Elite Four and Champion wait here for all challengers to their titles.

Route 128 is the only way to reach Ever Grande. It connects with route 127 to the north, and with 129 to the south - the island of Ever Grande can be found by travelling east, between a series of rocky outcroppings. The fabled Seafloor Cavern can also be found here, said to be the home of the legendary Kyogre, but whirlpools and treacherous underwater conditions prevent anyone from finding out for certain.

Gym: None; League seat.
Routes: 128 (West)

Pacifidlog Town
The final town of Hoenn - and one of those most often bypassed - is the tiny sea community of Pacifidlog. It lies in the middle of the ocean, south of the eastern half of Hoenn's largest island, and is not parked on any island itself - the entire town floats on rafts that are anchored to a colony of Corsola! The townspeople are primarily fisherfolk and divers, and are said to be the descendents of a group of people who were born, lived, and died on boats, never to touch land. Many of the folk seem to be quite familiar with local legends about Hoenn and fantastic Pokémon, though....

The only way to reach Pacifidlog is through the winding water routes of 129, south of 128, and continuing to the west through 130 and 131. Although none of these routes have much of interest at first glance, the people of Pacifidlog often whisper about a Mirage Island located off of route 130, that appears only very rarely. On the northern edge of route 131, a huge tower of rock known as the Sky Pillar can be found. This place is home to many fierce Pokémon, and many of the floors are nearly un-navigatable due to crumbling ground - novice trainers are warned to stay far away.
West from Pacifidlog, trainers can ride the swift-moving currents all the way from the floating town to Slateport City, going through routes 132, 133, and 134. It's a one-way trip, however - Pokémon can't even swim fast enough to go back against the current. Only route 134 is notable, other than the currents - it contains an odd cavern with a number of examples of braille-like writing on the walls. No one has yet been able to decipher the markings, but it is believed they were left there by an indigenous society.

Gym: None
Routes: 131 (East) (from routes 128-129-130), 132 (West) (leads to 133-134 and Slateport)

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