Hoenn Region Gym Leaders

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Hoenn Region Gym Leaders

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Rustboro Gym

Leader - Roxanne
Badge - Stone Badge
This gym specializes in rock- and ground-type Pokémon. The battlefield is a simple earthen field covered with rocky outcroppings. Many students from a nearby Pokémon academy train here and watch the battles.

First Time Match

Lvl 12 Geodude
Tackle, Defense, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb

Lvl 15 Nosepass
Block, Harden, Rock Throw, Rock Tomb

Second Time Match

Lvl 30 Nosepass Lvl 28 Graveler Lvl 30 Onix
Lvl 29 Kabuto

Final Match

Lvl 100 Probopass Lvl 100 Steelix Lvl 100 Golem

Lvl 100 Kabutops Lvl 100 Crustle Lvl 100 Boldore

Dewford Gym

Leader - Brawly
Badge - Knuckle Badge
This gym specializes in fighting-type Pokémon. The gym itself is normally kept in pitch blackness, in order to increase the courage of those who train there, but defeated trainers will cast more light onto the simple, barren battlefield.

First Time Match

Lvl 16 Machop
Bulk Up, Leer, Karate Chop, Low Kick

Lvl 16 Meditite
Bulk Up, Focus Punch, Light Screen, Reflect

Second Time Match

Lvl 45 Medicham Lvl 45 Makuhita Lvl 50 Tyrogue
Lvl 45 Machoke

Final Match

Lvl 100 Medicham Lvl 100 Hitmontop Lvl 100 Machamp

Lvl 100 Hariyama Lvl 100 Throh Lvl 100 Infernape

Mauville Gym

Leader - Wattson
Badge - Dynamo Badge
This gym specializes in electric-type Pokémon. The place is decked out with traps and tricks of all kinds, including electrical barriers that toggle on and off through the use of switches. The battlefield is surrounded by these barriers, making thrown Pokémon quite vulnerable.

First Time Match

Lvl 20 Voltorb
Rollout, Spark, Self Destruct, ShockWave

Lvl 25 Magneton
Supersonic, Thunderwave, Sonic Boom, ShockWave

Second Time Match

Lvl 50 Electrode Lvl 50 Manectric Lvl 45 Magneton
Lvl 45 Flaafy

Final Match

Lvl 100 Manectric Lvl 100 Electrode Lvl 100 Magneton

Lvl 100 Ampharos Lvl 100 Raichu Lvl 100 Zebstrika

Lavaridge Gym

Leader - Flannery
Badge - Heat Badge
This gym specializes in fire-type Pokémon. The gym structure is styled much like a bathhouse, full of steam and geysers that confuse and disorient trainers. The battlefield is a plain court, but is also home to a few surprise steam-spewing geysers hidden below the sand.

First Time Match

Lvl 25 Slugma
Overheat, Smog, Light Screen, Sunny Day

Lvl 26 Torkoal
Overheat, Body Slam, Flail, Attract

Second Time Match

Lvl 55 Torkoal Lvl 50 Numel Lvl 50 Rapidash
Lvl 53 Magcargo

Final Match

Lvl 100 Magcargo Lvl 100 Torkoal Lvl 100 Rapidash

Lvl 100 Camerupt Lvl 100 Heatmor Lvl 100 Combusken

Petalburg Gym

Leader - Norman
Badge - Balance Badge
This gym specializes in normal-type Pokémon. While the battlefield is a simple indoor court, reaching it requires passing by at least three of the gym's trainers in battle - defeating a trainer will open the entrance to two adjoining rooms, which the challenger must decide between. When three rooms have been cleared in this manner, the gym leader can be challenged.

First Time Match

Lvl 27 Spinda
Psybeam, Encore, Teeter Dance, Facade

Lvl 28 Vigoroth
Slash, Faint Attack, Encore, Facade

Second Time Match

Lvl 54 Spinda Lvl 55 Linoone Lvl 55 Vigoroth
Lvl 60 Chansey

Final Match

Lvl 100 Blissey Lvl 100 Linoone Lvl 100 Slaking

Lvl 100 Liepard Lvl 100 Exploud Lvl 100 Granbull

Fortree Gym

Leader - Winona
Badge - Feather Badge
This gym specializes in flying-type Pokémon, although all of the flying-types have a secondary element to them. The gym consists of a maze of rotating doors that turn and block passages, causing challengers to backtrack many times through the gym to reach the rooftop battlefield - open to the air, to allow the flying-type Pokémon ample wingspace.

First Time Match

Lvl 30 Swablu
Perish Song, Mirror Move, Safeguard, Aerial Ace

Lvl 30 Tropius
Sunny Day, SolarBeam, Synthesis, Aerial Ace

Second Time Match

Lvl 60 Tropius Lvl 60 Pelipper Lvl 60 Skarmory
Lvl 65 Altaria

Final Match

Lvl 100 Skarmory Lvl 100 Altaria Lvl 100 Unfezant

Lvl 100 Pelipper Lvl 100 Tropius Lvl 100 Togekiss

Mossdeep Gym

Leaders - Tate and Liza
Badge - Mind Badge
This gym specializes in psychic-type Pokémon. The gym is difficult to navigate, due to the presense of a number of warp-tile mazes, and blocked corridors. The battlefield is a cracked and weathered stone field. This gym is notable for only accepting double battles against the reigning gym leaders.

First Time Match

Lvl 50 Lunatone
Light Screen, Psychic, Hypnosis, Calm Mind

Lvl 51 Solrock
Sunny Day, SolarBeam, FlameThrower, Psychic

Second Time Match

Lvl 75 Lunatone Lvl 70 Solrock Lvl 70 Claydol
Lvl 80 Xatu

Final Match

Lvl 100 Hypno Lvl 100 Claydol Lvl 100 Xatu

Lvl 100 Slowking Lvl 100 Solrock Lvl 100 Lunatone

Sootopolis Gym

Leader - Juan
Badge - Rain Badge
This gym specializes in water-type Pokémon, although some ice-types are used as well. The way into the gym is tricky, as challengers must negotiate a series of crumbling ice paths and stairs. The battlefield is a large pool, with a few lilypads scattered on the surface of the water - probably not enough to hold a Pokémon's weight.

First Time Match

Lvl 46 Whiscash
Rain Dance, Water Pulse, Fissure, Double Team

Lvl 48 Crawdaunt
Crabhammer, Rest, Double Team, Taunt

Second Time Match

Lvl 70 Walrein Lvl 72 Whiscash Lvl 73 Crawdaunt
Lvl 75 Lapras

Final Match

Lvl 100 Whiscash Lvl 100 Crawdaunt Lvl 100 Lapras

Lvl 100 Walrein Lvl 100 Kingdra Lvl 100 Politoed


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