Johto Region Gym Leaders

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Johto Region Gym Leaders

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Violet Gym

Leader - Falkner
Badge - Zephyr Badge
This gym specializes in flying-type Pokémon. It is located on the top of a skyscraper in the middle of the city; the battlefield has no roof, so as to allow Flying-types their freedom to the sky.

First Time Match

Lvl 13 Pidgy
Tackle, Sand-Attack, Peck

Lvl 13 Pidgeotto
Tackle, Gust, Roost

Second Time Match

Lvl 25 Wingull Lvl 30 Pidgeotto Lvl 30 Staravia

Final Match

Lvl 100 Pelipper Lvl 100 Noctowl Lvl 100 Staraptor

Lvl 100 Honchkrow Lvl 100 Pidgeot Lvl 100 Swellow

Azalea Gym

Leader - Bugsy
Badge - Hive Badge
This gym specializes in bug-type Pokémon. The gym itself is located in a terradome-like structure on the outskirts of town, with a forest-like interior for the gym's buggy types to thrive in. The center of the forest holds a small battlefield, for the use of challenging trainers.

First Time Match

Lvl 14 Metapod
Tackle, Stringshot, Harden

Lvl 14 Kakuna
Poison Sting, Stringshot, Harden

Lvl 16 Scyther
Fury Cutter Quick Attack, Leer

Second Time Match

Lvl 35 Scyther Lvl 35 Butterfree Lvl 35 Beedrill
Lvl 35 Pinsir

Final Match

Lvl 100 Heracross Lvl 100 Scizor Lvl 100 Butterfree

Lvl 100 Vespiquen Lvl 100 Yanmega Lvl 100 Scolipede

Goldenrod Gym

Leader - Whitney
Badge - Plain Badge
This gym specializes in normal-type Pokémon. There isn't really much that's special about this gym - there's a small maze in the shape of a Cleffa that trainers must navigate through, but the battlefield itself is a simple arena-type one.

First Time Match

Lvl 17 Clefairy
Mimic, Encore, DoubleSlap, Metronome

Lvl 19 Miltank
Attract, Milk Drink, Stomp, Rollout

Second Time Match

Lvl 30 Miltank Lvl 30 Clefairy Lvl 32 Lickitung
Lvl 35 Girafarig

Final Match

Lvl 100 Miltank Lvl 100 Girafarig Lvl 100 Lickilicky

Lvl 100 Delcatty Lvl 100 Bibarel Lvl 100 Clefable

Ecruteak Gym

Leader - Morty
Badge - Fog Badge
This gym specializes in ghost-type Pokémon. From the outside, this gym looks more like a temple than anything else - but on the inside, it's a winding maze of invisible glass floors towards the battlefield. Trainer beware!

First Time Match

Lvl 25 Ghastly
Mean Look, Spite, Curse, Lick

Lvl 27 Haunter
Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Curse, Nightmare

Second Time Match

Lvl 53 Haunter Lvl 55 Gengar Lvl 50 Dusclops
Lvl 45 Misdreavus

Final Match

Lvl 100 Drifblim Lvl 100 Sableye Lvl 100 Dusknoir

Lvl 100 Mismagius Lvl 100 Gengar Lvl 100 Golurk

Olivine Gym

Leader - Jasmine
Badge - Mineral Badge
This gym specializes in steel-type Pokémon. This gym is rather set up like a metallic pyramid, with a simple dirt battlefield lying in wait on the bottom floor. Those Pokémon versed in earth-attacks would probably feel right at home.

First Time Match

Lvl 30 Magnemite
Thunder Wave, Supersonic, SonicBoom, Thunderbolt

Lvl 35 Steelix
Screech, Sandstorm, Rock Throw, Iron Tail

Second Time Match

Lvl 55 Magneton Lvl 60 Steelix Lvl 55 Skarmory
Lvl 60 Metang

Final Match

Lvl 100 Bronzong Lvl 100 Skarmory Lvl 100 Empoleon

Lvl 100 Metagross Lvl 100 Magnezone Lvl 100 Steelix

Cianwood Gym

Leader - Chuck
Badge - Storm Badge
This gym specializes in fighting-type Pokémon. This is another gym fashioned much like a dojo; the trainers here are constantly improving both the skills of their Pokémon as well as themselves.

First Time Match

Lvl 29 Primeape
Leer, Double Team, Rock Slide, Focus Punch

Lvl Poliwrath
Hypnosis, Body Slam, Surf, Focus Punch

Second Time Match

Lvl 65 Poliwrath Lvl 60 Hitmonlee Lvl 62 Primeape
Lvl 60 Hitmonchan

Final Match

Lvl 100 Hitmonlee Lvl 100 Poliwrath Lvl 100 Medicham

Lvl 100 Breloom Lvl 100 Machoke Lvl 100 Sawk

Mahogany Gym

Leader - Pryce
Badge - Glacier Badge
This gym specializes in ice-type Pokémon. A slippery ice-maze blocks the way leading to the central battlefield - a large arena court covered in ice, but for a central pool of water. There's something of a chill over the entire building... Bundle up before you come in.

First Time Match

Lvl 40 Seel
Icy Wind, Rest, Snore, Hail

Lvl 40 Piloswine
Blizzard, Ice Fang, Mud Bomb, Hail

Second Time Match

Lvl 70 Dewgong Lvl 75 Piloswine Lvl 70 Glalie
Lvl 65 Sealeo

Final Match

Lvl 100 Froslass Lvl 100 Glalie Lvl 100 Abomasnow

Lvl 100 Walrein Lvl 100 Dewgong Lvl 100 Mamoswine

Blackthorn Gym

Leader - Clair
Badge - Rising Badge
This gym specializes in dragon-type Pokémon. The Blackthorn Gym resides inside an old Victorian-style villa, a peaceful-looking place, somewhat at odds with the ferocity of the battles that rage within it. The roof of the gym is retractable, allowing dragon-types and other flying Pokémon to take to the air.

First Time Match

Lvl 38 Gyarados
Bite, Twister, Dragon Rage, Dragon Pulse

Lvl 40 Dragonair
Thunder Wave, Slam, Aqua Tail, Dragon Pulse

Second Time Match

Lvl 55 Gyarados Lvl 60 Kingdra Lvl 55 Dragonair
Lvl 60 Gabite

Final Match

Lvl 100 Kingdra Lvl 100 Dragonite Lvl 100 Gyarados

Lvl 100 Garchomp Lvl 100 Druddigon Lvl 100 Dragonite


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