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Nuvema Town is situated in the south eastern part of the Unova region. Like Pallet Town, New Bark Town, Littleroot Town, and Twinleaf Town, Nuvema Town is where the journey begins for the player. A rural town whose sea breezes give the sense of something coming.

Bianca and Cheren's houses are located at the bottom of Nuvema Town. Bianca's house is home to her mother and father. When the player first visits her house, her father is shouting at her for going on her journey but she goes on her journey anyway.

Professor Juniper's laboratory lies in the northwest of Nuvema Town. She specializes in the origins of Pokémon, and is the first main series Pokémon professor who is female. The town features the same windmills that appear in New Bark Town in as well as an overlook by the ocean. Pidove and Woobat can be seen flying around town during the day and night, respectively.

Gym : None
Routes : 1 (North)

Accumula Town is situated in the south eastern part of the Unovaregion. This town offers great views due to its many hills. In the center of the town is an open, park-like area. It is here that Team Plasma make their first speech, and Ghetsis encourages the citizens of Accumula to release their Pokémon.

In a house in the north-west of town, there is a little girl who wills challenges the player to a game of Pokémon rock-paper-scissors. Instead of using rock, paper, and scissors, this game uses Fire, Grass, and Water.

Gym : None
Routes : Route 1 (South) Nuvema Town, Route 2 (East) Striaton City

Striaton City is a city in southeastern Unova. Entry stairs built in memory of a former home in a snowier climate. The Dreamyard is to the east,Route 2 is to the south and Route 3 is to the northwest. Striaton City is home to Chili, Cress, and Cilan, the city's gym leaders as well as the home of Fennel. The eastern half of Striaton City houses buildings with unique architectural designs. The western part of the city houses a beautifully designed garden. The Dreamyard lies to the east of the city.

A Pokémon academy is a school where students and Trainers can learn more about Pokémon. Most beginning Trainers visit at least one of them, and common Trainers who study extensively at these locations are Lasses, School Kids, and Scientists. The blackboard at the back of the school details the five non-volatile status ailments.Cheren visits here to improve his knowledge while waiting for the Gym to open.

Fennel and Amanita live together in the house in the northern entrance of the easternmost building in Striaton City. They share a room on the top floor.

On the west side of Striaton City, there is a hedge garden surrounded by water. It contains hedge walls, and Pikachu and Pidove-shaped hedges. In the center of the garden is a tall water fountain.

Gym : Striaton Gym
Routes : Route 2 (south) , Route 3 (North), Dreamyard.

Nacrene City ) is a city in south eastern Unova. A city established in restored storehouses built 100 years ago. It has a train track running through the south side of the city. It is the location for the second Gym that the player visits in the region, led by Lenora.
Nacrene City is described as having a peculiar cityscape, as it reuses its warehouses built about a century ago. The unique cityscape makes it a popular place for avant-garde artists and is usually the place where trends begin. Due to this, Nacrene City is called the "city of art". Castelia City's Gym Leader Burgh is a renowned artist whose hometown is Nacrene City. Nacrene City houses the Nacrene Museum which happens to include the Nacrene Gym.
A museum showing various historical treasures, most prominently a skeleton of a Dragon-type Pokémon (resembling Dragonite), is located in Nacrene City. At the back of the museum there is a library room which also operates as the Nacrene Gym. There is also a meteorite exhibit that will change Deoxys's Forme when examined.
The Café Warehouse is a a diner just west of the museum. They have specials on Wednesday, where the player can receive a free Soda Pop.
Loblolly's studio is to the southeast of Nacrene City. After visiting the Dream World at least once, Loblolly will talk about Décor that "people will dream of".
Dye's house is located in the southeastern side of Nacrene City.

Gym: Nacrene Gym
Routes : Pinwheel Forest, Route 3

Castelia City is a large seaside city located in south central Unova. Unlike other cities, Castelia is a huge, sprawling metropolis, sporting many towering skyscrapers and other tall buildings. It is the heart of business and economy of the Unova region, as opposed to its sister city, Nimbasa City, which is the heart of leisure and entertainment. Most of its city streets are crowded with different people rushing around, trying to get to work, home, or other places, creating a hustle and bustle scene for city life. The city exists on the bottom of Unova's central peninsula, south of the desert and north of the sea, making for a perfect harbor city.

The city has only two possible entrances on foot, from Route 4, a harsh desert in the north, and from Skyarrow Bridge, a large suspension bridge that connects the southern part of the eastern peninsula to the central peninsula and provides a scenic views of Castelia's vast skyline, which spans off in the east. There are several other ways to enter the city. Tourists and businessmen travel to Castelia City from other regions by boat and stop at Castelia's harbor side.

Castelia City is geographically the largest city in the Pokémon world, and contains many structural elements that have not been seen in cities in other regions. The city's core is a central business district, with huge skyscrapers and other commercial buildings; a series of alleyways lead into this core, where smaller shops are set up among city traffic. The city's outskirts are bounded on all sides by harbor, where ships provide traffic to other regions in the Pokémon world.

Despite its economic encouragement, Castelia also offers a worldly aspect. The city is a melting pot, incorporating cultures and foods from other regions. From across the globe, artists also flock to Castelia to open their art galleries, offering a different sort of entertainment in comparison to Nimbasa City.

Due to the geography of the central peninsula, Castelia City's wharf is shaped so it extends all the way around the southern half of the city. The wharf is considered the outer layer of the giant city, where many tall skyscrapers and important buildings stand. The Pokémon Center can be found along the eastern side of the wharf, as well as several other company buildings, for example, the Battle Company, and Passerby Analytics HQ.

The Battle Company is a multi-story building located on the corner of Mode Street along the wharf. The company is one of the lead researchers of battle items, and assists in the development of other items such as Poké Balls, as well as goods for Pokémon and Trainers.
There are five piers on the waterfront based on five human fingers[1] where certain ferries are docked. The piers are opposite the street in which the Gym resides is Liberty Pier.

Unity Pier is across from Narrow Street, and its ferry is transport to the Unity Tower. Prime Pier is across from Mode Street. Occasionally docked at Prime Pier is the Plasma Ship, a black boat that Team Plasma uses to get to Liberty Garden. A few of the local citizens have noticed the strange black boat and have become concerned. The fourth pier opposite Castelia Street, called Cruise Dock, is where the Royal Unova is docked. A short, unnamed pier lies directly south of the Skyarrow Bridge gate, where a couple of citizens relax. Castelia Street has many people coming and going, especially during the evenings when people are going home from work. This street has many tall skyscrapers and large buildings; The Game Freak headquarters are located in a large building on Castelia Street's right side.

Mode Street is another commuter-heavy street; however, it is not as large or as busy as Castelia Street. There are many trees and plants along its sides, giving the street a feeling of nature. Along the left side of Mode Street stands the famous Casteliacone, and along the right side of the street is Studio Castelia, a popular art gallery where people go to enjoy local artwork.

Studio Castelia is a small art gallery in central Castelia which displays and showcases many painting from artists who live in Castelia; however, it doesn't display any of Burgh's paintings, because he prefers to hang them in the Castelia Gym. Many artists from around Unova come to Castelia to get inspiration from Burgh, and their paintings are hanging here. Currently, the studio is exhibiting works in the motif of legends of the Unova region, which have more to do with the myths of Reshiram and Zekrom. The owner of the studio likes to take walks along the Central Plaza and enjoys taking in the scenery and landscape with people and Pokémon.

Casteliacone is a popular ice cream stand in Castelia City, which sells ice creams with the same name as the store.

Narrow Street is a back alley with a number of dumpsters and rubbish bins lined up against it. Like the name suggests, the street is very narrow, containing dark buildings, and shady people. Unlike any of the other streets, it is poorly lit and contains very few people, certainly not any rushing businesspeople trying to get to and from work.

Café Sonata is a small café on the right side of Narrow Street. Many people come to the café to relax after a tiring day of work, and to listen to the Musician's guitar rhythm, who believes that a beautiful melody makes people happy and a sad melody makes people sorrowful.

The Central Plaza, also known as the Castelia Central Area, is a park located at the intersection of all the streets in Castelia City. There is a large following fountain that is said to bring people and Pokémon together.

Further along the Central Plaza to the north is another street that leads out on to Route 4, along which there are several tall skyscrapers. On the left side is a building that contains the Name Rater.

Gym: Castelia Gym
Routes: Route 4 (north), Skyarrow Bridge (West)

Nimbasa City is a city located in central Unova. A bustling city of entertainment, with many theme parks. There are three routes connecting to it: to the south of the city is Route 4 and the vast Desert Resort, to the west is Route 5, and to the east is Route 16. Nimbasa City is the most populous city in the Pokémon world, it is also the most densely populated city. In contrast to Castelia City, which is the heart of business and economy in the Unova region, Nimbasa serves as the heart of leisure and entertainment. Nimbasa City is well known for its grand-scale landmarks such as the Musical Theater, Gear Station, Big Stadium and Small Court, Battle Institute, and the Rondez-View Ferris Wheel and amusement park.

Elesa is the Gym Leader of Nimbasa City. She specializes in the Electric type and hands out the Bolt Badge upon defeat.

The Musical Theater is where the Pokémon Musical takes place, located in the north of Nimbasa.
Gear Station is the central hub of the Battle Subway. All eight lines of the Battle Subway are accessed through Gear Station, including the only available route to Anville Town.

Nimbasa City's sports venues, Big Stadium and Small Court, are where sportspeople and sports fans go to practice and engage in both Pokémon battles and the sport of their choosing. They are also the places where sporting events are hosted in the Unova region. Big Stadium hosts sports requiring fields, specifically baseball, soccer, and football; meanwhile, Small Court hosts sports requiring courts, specifically tennis and basketball.

The Battle Institute is a building just left of the Pokémon Center. The Trainers met here are the same ones that battle in the Battle Subway. The Rondez-View Ferris Wheel is a couples-only ferris wheel

Gym: Nimbasa Gym
Routes: Route 5 (East), Route 4 (South), Route 16 (West)

Anville Town is situated in the north western part of the Unova region. It is accessed by riding the Battle Subway's Anville Town line from Gear Station in Nimbasa City; no battles are required to be able to go to this town. On the weekends, someTrainers come to this town to exchange items.
An employee of the Battle Subway lives in the house in the south east. Anville Town is known for its connection with locomotives, and every day, a different train engine can be found on the turntable in front of the town's Roundhouse, most of them a part of the Battle Subway system of trains. A Worker on the bridge will explain their origins, inner-workings, and/or capabilities.

Gym: None
Routes : None

Driftveil City is a major ocean port city in western Unova. A port town distributing many goods, and a gateway to the Unova region. It has strong wind currents popular with sail boaters. More importantly, its ports are used by freighters and fishing boats that import and export goods such as vegetables in and out of Unova. A large market offering some useful items occupies part of the city. Driftveil is typically subject to precipitation year-round.

The city has two possible entrances on foot: from Route 6 to the west and from the Driftveil Drawbridge to the east, which leads to Unova's central peninsula. A hiker inside Pinwheel Forest says that trees that are cut down are sent from Driftveil City to the rest of the world. The market is located on the western side of the city.Herbal medicine and Moomoo Milk can be bought here.
Driftveil City has a small beach. If the player Surfs directly off the beach, they can find the lighthouse, which has a Water Stone on its shore. There is a large shipping dock located directly south of the city. Cold Storage can be found here.

Gym: Driftveil Gym
Route: Route 6 (East), Cold Storage (South), Driftveil Drawbridge (West)

Mistralton City is located in the western part of Unova. This city is unique as it is the only city in any of the Pokémon games to feature an airport, which is used for the transportation of cargo.
The city has two possible entrances on foot: from Chargestone Cave, and from Route 7.
The Cargo Service is a single room with two counters. The runways contain the Mistralton Gym, and also house two airplanes.
The Mistralton Gym is the official gym of Mistralton City. The Gym doubles as an airplane hangar. It is based onFlying-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is Skyla. Trainers who defeat her receive the Jet Badge.
Gym : Mistralton Gym
Routes :Route 7 (North), Chargestone Cave (South)

Icirrus City is a city located in north western Unova. In winter, the city is covered with snow as far as the eye can see. Icirrus City is connected to Twist Mountain to the west and Route 8 to the east. To the north of Icirrus City lies the Dragonspiral Tower.
The majority of Icirrus City's buildings are located on high ground, due to the surrounding area being in a wet climate and as such having large puddles containing wild Pokémon. Windmills can also be seen towards the south end of the city.
Gym : Icirrus Gym
Route: Dragonspiral Tower (north), Twist Mountain (East), Route 8 (West)

Opelucid City is a city in the northern and central area of the Unova region. Opelucid City is host to the final Gym Trainers challenge on their journey through Unova. A convenient city of rapid change, showing no traces of the past, a city that respects history and values old things.
Gym : Opelucid Gym
Route : Route 9 (East), Route 10 (North), Route 11 (West).

Lacunosa Town is a town in the north eastern area of the Unova region. To the west of Lacunosa Town is Route 12 and to the east is Route 13. To the north-east of Lacunosa Town lies the Giant Chasm, which is a location that has affected the residents of the town greatly for many years.
Inside Lacunosa's Pokémon Center is a girl who will give the player a Gracidea if a fateful encounter Shaymin is shown to her, along with another girl who can tell the player what Pokémon were on their team each time they earned a Gym Badge.
A long time ago, it is said that a large meteor came from the sky containing a terrifying monster. It was said that at night the monster would appear in the town along with the cold winds and take away humans and Pokémon to eat them. Eventually, the residents of the town surrounded Lacunosa Town in a wall to keep the monster out and rule was then set on the town that forbade anyone from leaving at night and encouraged people to stay in their homes. Even though Lacunosa residents claim to no longer believe this old story, they still stay inside of their houses at night and the walls remain standing to this day.
Gym: None
Routes: Route 12 (East), Route 13 (West)

The Village Bridge is a stone arch bridge that connects Route 11 in central Unova to Route 12 in eastern Unova. It is said Village Bridge is over 200 years old, and it was constructed after the river beneath it flooded and washed away the houses along its banks. An elderly stone cutter is now in charge of keeping it in good condition.
On the southeast end of the area is a small sandwich van called the Village Bridge Restaurant, which is noted for its specialty Berry sandwiches.
Gym : None
Route : Route 11, Route 12

Undella Town is a town in the east of the Unova region. To the south of Undella Town is Route 14.
Sinnoh Champion Cynthia rents a villa in Undella Town. She can be battled once regardless of the season, and can afterwards be battled once a day during spring. The femaleGym Leaders and Elite Four members will often visit her during summer and spring, respectively.
Outside of summer, this town has very few people and almost looks deserted; the villas are all empty. However, during summer, the villas in the town are all occupied by vacationists. One of the vacationists states that he came there from the far away region of Hoenn. Undella Town's sea is the people's favorite during this hot season.
Cynthia, the Champion of the Sinnoh region, appears in Caitlin's villa and remains until she is battled, after which she will be present during spring and summer, and can be battled once per day in spring. During the spring, Shauntal and/or Caitlin may be found in the villa, visiting. During the summer, Lenora, Iris, Elesa and or Skyla may be found in the villa.
Gym : None
Routes: Route 13 (North), Route 14 (South), Undella Bay (West)

Black City is a city located in the eastern part of the Unovaregion. It is located to the east of Route 15, and to the south of Route 14.
Black City is a metropolis which population changes with time. The appearance of Black City alters with the number of varying Trainers residing there. In addition to the visual changes, the city's market will sell items to the player at inflated prices, dependent on which varying Trainers are in the city. The items are rare, with most being either evolutionary stones orvaluable items.
At maximum occupancy, Black City is a sprawling metropolis with many large buildings and skyscrapers. At low level occupancy, there are fewer buildings, which are smaller in size. The Pokémon Center is present regardless of how many people reside in the city.
When using the Entralink feature to visit another player's White Forest.
Gym: None
Route : Route 14 (North), Route 15 (East)

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