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Twinleaf Town
Twinleaf is a very small burgh located in western Sinnoh. Really, there isn't much of interest in this town at all, except for its proximity to Lake Verity, one of the sacred lakes of Sinnoh. The town itself is a small collection of houses bordering the lake. Travellers should probably find accommodations in nearby Sandgem Town if they plan on staying in the area - there isn't even a PokéCenter here.

Twinleaf is literally a dead-end town - only route 201 leads in and out of it, from the north end of town. 201 is a simple grass and forest path that leads to Lake Verity in the west, and Sandgem Town in the east. Many beginning-trainer level Pokémon can be found through here, including Bidoof and Starly.

Lake Verity is the sacred lake of Sinnoh's western province. It is a deep and calm lake, and is the source of many a legend - some say that a red Gyarados inhabits the waters, while others whisper that the legendary Pokémon Mesprit inhabits the small cave structure in the middle of the lake. Nothing has ever been found in the tiny cavern, but that hasn't stopped the rumours.

Gym: None
Routes: 201 (North) ==> Lake Verity

Sandgem Town
Another small town located on the southwestern coast of Sinnoh, Sandgem is a little more notable than its neighbour Twinleaf. Most importantly, it is the home of the laboratory of Professor Rowan, Sinnoh's leading Pokémon researcher and evolution expert - his theories and research have contributed greatly to the world's understanding of Pokémon. The town is also home to a beautiful little beach, quite appropriately named Sandgem Beach, which attracts tourists from over the country for sleepy summerside vacations.

Besides route 201, routes 202 and 219 depart from Sandgem. Route 202 is a fairly short twisting grass path that leads directly north into Jubilife City. 219, however, departs to the south from the beach and turns into route 220 - a water route. Unfortunately, boats cannot navigate past the sandbars of route 219, so only surfing Pokémon are useful in travelling further south. 220 continues on to the east, through a collection of rocky islands, and eventually meets up with the land route 221, a forested area that is home to the Pal Park, where exciting catching shows exhibit the 'hunting' talents of trainers.

Gym: None
Routes: 201 (west), 202 (north), 219 (south) ==> 220, 221, Pal Park

Jubilife City
A marvel of modern engineering - and heck, modernity itself - Jubilife City is the largest city in Sinnoh, and the economic centre of the country. It was built only a few decades ago, carved out of the side of a mountain by the residents of Oreburgh City. The city is home to numerous business enterprises, including Jubilife TV (the broadcaster of all major programmes in the area), the Sinnoh Lottery Corporation, the Pokétch Company (makers of the handy-dandy customizable Pokémon Watch), the Sinnoh Trainer's Academy, and the Global Trade Station (where trainers around the world can swap Pokémon through their computers). It is a bustling place, complete with entertaining nightlife and on-the-go people, although perhaps fairly easy for travellers to get lost in. This is also the national capital, and the parliament buildings are situated in the southwestern area of the city.

Jubilife sits at a somewhat major crossroads in western Sinnoh. To the south, of course, lies route 202 and Sandgem Town. To the east, one can traverse route 203, a grass-lined road that leads into the Oreburgh Gate, a small cavernous area that tunnels into Oreburgh City. Route 204 leads northwards through a woodland grove towards Floaroma Town, although the path is split in the middle by the Ravaged Path, another underground area that frequently experiences blockages by cave-ins. Finally, to the west of Jubilife, one can travel through route 218 to reach Canalave City, although the bridge connecting the two cities has seen better days, and surfing or swimming over the river is the only real way to reach the banks of Canalave.

Gym: None
Routes: 202 (south), 203 (east) ==> Oreburgh Gate, 204 (north) ==> Ravaged Path, 218 (west)

Oreburgh City
As its name might imply, Oreburgh City is a mining town that supplies Sinnoh with metals and gems. Its most prominent feature is the number of vents located throughout the city, which exchange stale air from the mines with clean air from above the ground. Aside from the mines, the city is also home to the Oreburgh Mining Museum, a place dedicated to educating the public about mining. It also hosts a collection of ancient Pokémon fossils that have been recovered from the ground, as well as the labs of a few geologists and Pokémon experts who study the finds. The Oreburgh Gym is also located within the city, a popular spot for the miners to train their helpful Machops.

While route 207 lies to the north of Oreburgh, leading to both route 206 and one of the many entrances to Mt Coronet, travellers will find themselves unable to reach most of the route unless they have a bicycle capable of riding up steep offroad ledges. It might be advised to take a detour through Floaroma Town and Eterna City. The rest of route 207, however, steadily turns mountainous as one heads towards the east, into one of the tunnels that connect western Sinnoh to eastern. This particular one is an easy jaunt, leading to route 208 and Hearthome City.

Gym: Oreburgh Gym
Routes: 203 (West), 207 (North) ==> 206 / Mt Coronet ==> 208

Floaroma Town

A beautiful little town located in western Sinnoh, Floaroma is known throughout the country for the meadows of flowers that grow there - and the honey produced by industrial insects from them. This honey is known to attract certain varieties of Pokémon from trees. The town was once said to be a barren hill where nothing would grow, until the legendary Shaymin caused flowers to cover the area. A number of horticultural experts and farmers live in the area, along with the owners of a flower shop, and a beekeeper living in the expansive meadow to the north of the town.

Floaroma is connected to Jubilife City from route 204, and leads out into route 205 to the east, a sprawling route that leads north to Eterna City. The southern part of the route is a grassy, windswept area that passes by a quiet stream. The Valley Windworks can be found to the east of this stream, a large wind farm that powers most of the country. If one heads west, following the stream, the Fuego Ironworks can be found - they supply most of the structural steel and other iron needs for the nation. Continuing north on 205 necessitates climbing a hilly area and passing through the winding Eterna Forest, before reaching Eterna City.

The thick trees of the forest form a natural maze, and it is filled with insect, grass, and other types of Pokémon - including, perhaps, a ghost or two at night. The forest, in fact, is home to an abandoned mansion in its northern parts, which is said to be quite haunted by the locals of Eterna City.

Gym: None
Routes: 204 (south), 205 (east) ==> Fuego Ironworks, Valley Windworks, Eterna Forest, Old Chateau

Eterna City
One of the oldest cities in Sinnoh is that of Eterna City. Most of the city is built in an older style of architecture, and one can almost feel the passage of time within its stone walls. A museum housing artifacts of days gone by can be found within the city, as well as a large square housing a large statue of the creator Pokémon, Dialga and Palkia. This square used to be the site of festivals and rituals, but alas, kids these days aren't paying as much attention to the old ways as they used to. Besides the museum, the city is also home to the Eterna Gym, a herb shop, and a bicycle shop, and is also the main entry point to the Sinnoh Underground - explorer kits permitting passage to the tunnels are handed out in the city. It is also said that Team Galactic has set up a base of operations in the city as of late, but they (mostly) keep to themselves and their large tower.

The Underground is an area that stretches out below a good deal of Sinnoh - well, really, a multitude of areas. They're mazelike stretches of cavern below the earth, used most often to play elaborate games of Capture the Flag between city kids. Folk in the Underground can also mine for treasures hidden within the walls - there are even reports of fossilized Pokémon being found, very occasionally.

South of Eterna City lies route 206, otherwise known as Sinnoh's cycling road. The bicycling road itself runs on a slant down towards route 207 in the south - only cyclists are allowed to traverse the path. There's still a ground route below, however, so pedestrians don't have to worry. At the southern end of the route lies the entrance to an underground maze called the Wayward Cave. While a good place to look for Pokémon (and to get hopelessly lost), there really isn't much else there. East out of Eterna City, meanwhile, leads to route 211, a route that crosses through a short grassy area before heading into another entrance of Mt Coronet. This particular path is a bit rougher than the crossing to the south - large boulders often block the way through. Route 211 continues out on the other side over more bridges and streams, leading into Celestic Town.

Gym: Eterna Gym
Routes: 205 (west), 206 (south) ==> Wayward Cave, 207; 211 (east)

Hearthome City
Lying in the very centre of Sinnoh is the city of Hearthome. This is a city of growth, in many ways - it started out as a gathering spot for people and Pokémon, and eventually grew into a city of commerce. Additionally, it is home to many young families, and has been voted as one of the best places to live in Sinnoh many a time. It is also a huge centre of attraction for Pokémon trainers; aside from the Hearthome Gym, the Super Contest Hall is stationed in the city, the ultimate home of breeding contests in Sinnoh - although there are smaller contests held throughout the region, the Sinnoh Breeding Society only recognizes results from this institution. The Sinnoh branch of the Pokémon Fan Club also operates out of Hearthome, as does Bebe, the administrator for Sinnoh's Pokémon Storage System. Amity Square, a large park to the north of the town, is a popular place for people to take strolls and let their Pokemon roam free. The First Church of Arceus, with its distinctive architecture and renowned stained glass windows, is also found within the city, where people offer up prayers to the supposed creator of the world.

Route 208 is a short route that connects the southeastern exit of Mt Coronet to the west entrance of Hearthome, which leads travellers past a rushing waterfall and stream before entering the grass-meadow territory that surrounds Hearthome. East out of Hearthome runs route 209, a curving stream-lined grass path that leads to Solaceon Town. Landmarks to watch out for along this road are the Hallowed Tower, a very old, crumbling monument on the southeastern beach of the route, and the Lost Tower, situated among the craters of old meteor strikes on the northern part of the route. Much like Hoenn's Mt Pyre and Kanto's Pokémon Tower, the Lost Tower is the funerary grounds for deceased Pokémon in Sinnoh. Meanwhile, route 212, the southern route out of Hearthome, is an extremely long route that heads southeast towards Pastoria City. The northern end of the route is a bit of a forested maze, while the southern end is alternatively filled with long grass and muddy swamp, and is generally covered in rain. The palace of the royal family of Sinnoh can also be found on the route - most parts of it these days are open to the public, and rare Pokémon can be captured by honoured trainers in the queen's Trophy Garden, although how they get there is a little bit of a mystery.

Gym: Hearthome Gym
Contests: Super Contest Hall
Routes: 208 (west), 209 (east) ==> Lost Tower, 212 (south)

Solaceon Town
Solaceon Town is known as an old-timey ranching and farming community. There isn't too much of note in this town - it's mostly centered around the agricultural industry, after all, and is known for being a sleepy, relaxing community. There is, however, the office of the country's major newspaper located here, as well as a daycare centre for Pokémon. Additionally, the mysterious Solaceon Ruins are nearby, an underground labyrinth inhabited by Unown.

Aside from route 209, 210 also leads out of Solaceon. The route forks in its middle; travellers can either continue north to Celestic Town, or head east on route 215 to Veilstone City. The southern portion of the route is overgrown with very tall grass - bicycle traffic is impossible, so either larger vehicles or your own two feet need to be used. The northern sections of the route are known for being heavily blanketed in fog most of the day - only near midday does the mist clear. The fog makes the somewhat treacherous route only moreso dangerous - it is a narrow channel of waterfalls, streams and bridges, and steep rock slopes.

Gym: None
Routes: 209 (south), 210 (north) ==> 215

Celestic Town
The small village of Celestic Town lies in the northwestern parts of eastern Sinnoh (figure that one out, eh?). It is one of the oldest habituations in the country - some say it has been there since the area was created. Like Eterna, it also preserves the history and the old ways and culture of the area; its remote location helps in this respect. The Camilla family has its roots here, and the current Sinnoh League champion's grandparents are the primary historians of the town, protectors of ancient knowledge regarding Sinnoh and its legendary Pokémon. A small shrine in the middle of the town is known to date back to ancient times, and there is a cave nearby decorated with old, old carvings of the guardians of time and space, as well as etchings of the trio of spirit. Still, the town is very small, and holds probably little of interest to any but historians - there's not even a PokéMart here.

After the foggy environs of route 210, Celestic rises up above the mists. Travellers can continue on to the central entrace of Mt Coronet by route 211 from the western end of town.

Gym: None
Routes: 210 (west), 211 (east)

Pastoria City
The southeastern coast of Sinnoh is home to a large swamp, and it is here that the city of Pastoria lies. The Great Marsh, as the area is known, used to be part of the sea, but as the waters receded over time, the land was left behind in its swampy state. The city is an excellent place for water Pokémon trainers, as the marsh keeps the region very temperate - and besides, there are some rare critters that can only be found in the marsh. Croagunk is one of these, and it has become the city's mascot. There is a gym to be found in Pastoria, but the greatest draw is really the Great Marsh itself - it is a well-known Pokémon preserve, and like the Safari Zone in Kanto, can be entered by trainers (without any help from their team!) for a fee in order to attempt to catch the Pokémon living there.

After exiting the muddy bogs of route 212, Pastoria seems rather pleasant, even for a city built on a swamp. At least, it's a good place to get washed up after (no doubt) getting stuck in the mud a few dozen times. Heading east out of the city leads to route 213, however, which is a veritable paradise - it features the coastline and beaches of southeastern Sinnoh, a very nice place to frolic around in during the summertime. A very nice hotel, the Hotel Grande Lake, is built here - actually more a series of small cabins than a traditional hotel - and must be crossed through in order to continue on to the Valor Lakefront.

From 213, the Valor Lakefront and Lake Valor itself can be reached. Lake Valor is a deep and still lake, and is said to be home to the legendary Pokémon of willpower, Azelf. The lakefront is a short grassy path that links together the lake with routes 213, 214, and 222.

Gym: Pastoria Gym
Routes: 212 (west), 213 (east) ==> Valor Lakefront, Lake Valor

Veilstone City
The second-largest city in the country is Veilstone City. It was carved out of steep and rocky mountains long ago, and is surrounded by these walls, with entire sections of the city built on raised projections. Alas, it is quite isolated from the rest of Sinnoh. It is the site of many meteorite landings, and these meteorite pieces are even occasionally given away as prizes in its popular Game Corner. The city also has a large department store, mostly devoted to trainers and their Pokémon. It is the headquarters of Team Galactic, and they have both a large office building and warehouse on the northern end of town.

Route 214 travels the distance between the Valor Lakefront and Veilstone. It is a fairly clean-cut lane with a few paths - travellers can either choose to navigate the lower maze, or make their way through the more mountainous and long-grassed terrain. There are rumours of a path to the hidden fourth lake of Sinnoh, Sendoff Spring (the home of the mysterious Turnback Cave, an old crypt), being located somewhere on this route, but copious searching has produced nothing. The western route out of Veilstone, route 215, is another forested road that picks its way over rocky mounds. It eventually junctions with route 210.

Gym: Veilstone Gym
Routes: 214 (south), 215 (north)

Canalave City
Canalave City is the westernmost city of Sinnoh. It is a port town, and has a large canal running right through the centre of the city - a moving bridge connects the two halves, while allowing shipping traffic in to the city's bay. The city has something of an exotic quality in the air, perhaps as a result of the many foreign workers that live and travel to the city. While it used to be the major port of Sinnoh, that duty has been mostly taken over by Sunyshore these days. Still, some cargo is still moved back and forth here, and the three islands in the northwest of the country are linked by ferry to the city, as well.

The first island, Iron Island, is the only one that has any real signs of habituation on it. It used to be a prosperous iron mine, but most of the ore has since been mined away, and these days it is used only as a Pokémon preserve and training area. Members of the Canalave Gym often travel there to train. The second island, Fullmoon Island, is mainly uninhabited. It is a lovely little island, covered with forests and wide meadows, but not much else. The third island, Newmoon Island, is likewise uninhabited, and is rather barren and rocky to boot.

The only route in and out of Canalave is route 218, the short bridge-route connecting it to Jubilife City.

Gym: Canalave Gym
Routes: 218 (east)

Snowpoint City
The only city lying in the northern province of Sinnoh is Snowpoint City. It is a very isolated city, located at the very tip of the country, beside Lake Acuity. Snow constantly blows down from the top of Mt Coronet, and the only time in which the city and surrounding environs do not have a blanket of the stuff is in the months of July and August. The gym is of course the major draw to the city, but there is a small container port as well; a ferry to the Battle Zone also sails out of the city. The mysterious Snowpoint Temple lies in the north end of the city, but only certain people are allowed access to its inner chambers.

The only way in or out of the city on foot entails a long trek from the more southern parts of Mt Coronet to the top of the island. Just outside of the city likes the Acuity Lakefront, a snow-covered area connecting Snowpoint with route 217 and the lake itself. Even though the rest of the area is almost perpetually frozen, Lake Acuity never freezes... It is said that the magic of the legendary Pokémon of knowledge, Uxie, keeps it that way. Leading south from the lakefront is route 217, a very chilly environment that is almost always in the midst of a raging snowstorm - and the snow gets waist-deep in some places. Only the most prepared travellers can make it through this forest safely! Further south is the connecting route of 216, a more mountainous and somewhat less hazardous path - it is here that the northern entrance of Mt Coronet can be found, leading back to the more cozy southern climes.

Gym: Snowpoint Gym
Routes: Acuity Lakefront (southwest) ==> Lake Acuity, 217, 216, Mt Coronet

Sunyshore City
The eastern-most city of Sinnoh is that of the port town Sunyshore. The city is built between a sandspit and a few rocky islands, and a large roadway rises up above, linking all of the points of Sunyshore together - and this roadway also cleverly doubles as the city's power source, as it is built completely out of solar panels. An open-air market operates during the temperate seasons, and tourists flock to see a natural statue in the bay resembling a Munchlax. The Vista Lighthouse ensures that all ships make it to the port safe and sound - and it makes a pretty good observation deck, too. The final gym of the Sinnoh League can be found in this town, and it is known as the gateway to the League itself, as it is only beyond Sunyshore that one can travel to meet with the Elite Four.

The jaunt to Sunyshore from the Valor lakefront is a lovely one; route 222 features two roads, one northern one for vehicular traffic, and a southern one that winds its way along the beach. Route 223 heads north out of the city towards the entrance of Sinnoh's Pokémon League seat - it also happens to be the country's longest water route. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to navigate, although some care should be given around the shallows and rock formations. Only those who can scale waterfalls are given entry to Victory Road.

Gym: Sunyshore Gym
Routes: 222 (west), 223 (north)

Castlegar Island
The Pokémon League makes its seat here, at the top of the northeastern island of Castlegar. As with all league challenges, the Victory Road must first be travelled, but any trainer worth his or her salt should be able to do such, right...? The league itself is hosted inside a large, gothic-inspired castle. Luck be with those who try this challenge!

223 is the only route that connects Castlegar and mainland Sinnoh. There is another route on the island, 224, which can be reached through an alternate path in the Victory Road caves. Aside from being the home of many Pokémon, though, there is little remarkable here; it ends in a dead end. Some do say, however, that the scent of fresh flowers occasionally drifts from the north...

Gym: None; League seat.
Routes: 223 (south), 224 (east)

Other Areas of Interest

Spear Pillar
The tallest peak of Mt Coronet is known as the Spear Pillar; ruins from an ancient civilization can be found up there. It is said to hold significance as being the place where the gods first touched the earth by some, but that's all just legend and myth.

The Battle Zone
The large island to the north of the Sinnoh mainland is known as the Battle Zone, and is a haven for powerful trainers and well-established breeders. The island is connected by a ferry from Snowpoint City, and contains three 'towns' of sorts - the Fight Area, the Survival Area, and the Resort Area. The Fight Area, as might be gathered, is home to a large tower where top-level trainers continually gather for Pokémon battles. The Survival Area is known as a training ground, while the Resort Area has a spa of sorts for Pokémon breeders and their charges. There are five additional routes spread throughout the island - routes 225 through 230 - and all have differing climes; there are two water routes, and one that is known for its sandstorms. A volcano, Stark Mountain, can also be found on the northern part of the island.

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