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Name: Simkin Mitsukai

Age: 20

Hometown: Snowpoint City- Sinnoh Region

Simkin Mitsukai Sim
Trainer Lvl: 1

Appearance: Simkin is 6'0 and he weighs around 190 pounds. He has medium cut black hair that hangs to the left or right depending on mood. His Emerald green eyes are quite captivating to look at. He usually wears white/gray dress shirt with vest (either Red, Black, blue or green and dress pants that range from red, blue, green or black as well. Also wearing a a hat with a feather in it. The hats color varies like the rest of his clothing matching. His skin a fair complexion not to light and not to tanned.

Personality: Simkin is a calm person, whether be it in a pokebattle or just relaxing with friends, so it is sometimes hard to read his reactions to situations. Generally usually happy with his companions and pokemon. Simkin is a very smart and strategic person, enjoying reading during a bit of free time and watching his pokemon play which usually shows in his demeanor and attitude coming off as straight and to the point, having a quiet humor most are not accustomed or used to.

Biography: Growing up in Snowpoint City the cold weather never bothers Simkin, yet he cannot seem to get rid of the scarf that he always wears. Growing up Simkin's father had a Ninetails that always helped with keeping the house nice and warm and also was a main pokemon in his dad's battle team that had trainers coming from far and wide just to get a battle. But after his dad's passing due to an illness, Ninetails to grew ill, from sadness that her trainer was no longer there.

But shortly before Ninetails too passed she gave birth to a small litter of Vulpix which was the cause of her passing, draining the life force that was remaining. The Vulpix needing to be taken care of at the pokecenter for the first weeks. Afterwards Simkin wanted to feel close to his father once more so having looked at the vulpix he chose one to take home.

Several years passed with him taking on the duties of man of the house, and Blaze the Vulpix a shy one yet always by Sim's Side decided to venture out and travel this world like his father before him. But before he did a merchant came into town one day looking for his father.

Having explained to the man, an old friend to his fathers, of the passing he gave his condolences as well as a few pokemon that his father had left with him that he needed to return. Entrusting to Simkin, a Pidgy, An Eevee, and a Snivy before he departs. Now already having more then he needs he says his goodbye to his mother and sets out to explore this giant world.

Preferred Faction: Civillian


"Blaze" The Vulpix Lvl 5
Simkin Mitsukai 037

Blaze is a very quiet pokemon who tends to shy away from strangers choosing to hide if he's out. And he usually is since he does not like being in his pokeball. Blaze will however despite his usual shyness become bold if Simkin is in any sort of danger. He loves Spicy food which causes his fur to shine.

Move Set: Ember, Double Team

"Bullet" The Pidgy Lvl 7
Simkin Mitsukai 016

Bullet is a rambunctious Pidgy with a spark in his eye! Extremely adventurous and as equally naïve. He is slightly smaller in size then the usual Pidgy but he doesn't let it bother him. Quickly heading to become a strong fierce battler.

Move Set: Tackle, Sand Attack

"Shades" The Snivy Lvl 5
Simkin Mitsukai 495

Shades, oh what a character. Always the comedian Shades loves trying to be the center of attention by doing "tricks" always getting Simkin sometimes in a bit of trouble. But when all comes down to it Shades has a sense of duty in all her fighting becoming at times a little to serious like her master.

Move Set: Tackle, Leer, Grass Knot

"Titan" The Eevee Lvl 5
Simkin Mitsukai 133

Still quite young, clumsy, and foolish, he can be headstrong and attempt to take on more than he can handle. Which makes Simkin have to keep a close eye on Titan to make sure he doesn’t go charging off into battle and get hurt by something much stronger then himself.

Move Set: Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand

"Granite" The Graveler Lvl 4
Simkin Mitsukai 075

Move Set: Tackle, Defense Curl, Rock Polish

"Chinga" The Chingling Lvl 4
Simkin Mitsukai 433

Move Set: Wrap

Simkin Mitsukai Bag_Berry_Pots_SpriteBerry Pots
Simkin Mitsukai Bag_Berry_Pouch_Sprite Berry Pouch
Simkin Mitsukai Bag_Grepa_Berry_SpriteGrepa Berry x3
Simkin Mitsukai Bag_Pecha_Berry_SpritePecha Berry x3
Simkin Mitsukai Bag_Potion_SpritePotion x5
Simkin Mitsukai Bag_Pok%C3%A9_Ball_SpritePokeball x4
Simkin Mitsukai Pokenav_spinPokeNav x1
Simkin Mitsukai Bag_TM_Normal_SpriteTM 32- Double Team (Broken)
Simkin Mitsukai Bag_TM_Grass_SpriteTM 86- Grass Knot (Broken)


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