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Post  Mineko on Sat Feb 05, 2011 5:07 am

Name: Iole Evangeline

Age: 16

Hometown: Pallet Town- Kanto Region

Appearance: Iole is 5'4" and always on her favourite outfit is a kimono. Long parted sleeves with a ankle length skirt, along side with a giant bow tied around her tiny waist. She has a very delicate jaw bone structure with fine features. Her eyes are dreamy hazel brown, with a waist length bronze hair and short fringe. When she smiles, you get to see two tiny cute dimples appearing from each side of her cheek.

Personality: Iole have a great athletic skills. She can do any kind of sports and loves to participates in every event she can handle. Her strong sense of justice , makes her help anyone including her enemy or someone she hates. When hanging out with friend, she is the nicest and softest among all of them, but when in battles, she will never gives up and keep fighting until she cant stand up anymore. A strong willed girl that doesnt gives up on things easily. She definitely loves to work hard. Iole is always driven to do her best regardless of the endeavor, and has a strong sense of justice, though she also has a tendency to forget her own well being in the process of helping others.

Biography: Iole's childhood was incredibly gentle and sweet with the company of her sister and her parent, admired by several children in her neighborhood until one day her father was abducted by Team Magma. Her life changes when she experience her dad being snatch away from the Team Magma. Her father is a well known scientist who studies pokemon intensely. Not being able to accept the fact her dad was taken away, she takes up martial arts and aces all her school academic, and decided to go out on an adventure to seek for her dad and justice. She maybe tough on the outside but she is really sweet and delicate on the inside.

One day while she was cleaning up her dad's lab, she found a suitcase with 3 pokemons inside. With a letter inside the suitcase addressing to her, she open up and reads.

"Evan, you're a very smart and strong girl. I regret that i have been too busy to teach you about the life of pokemon. But I always love you. I know I will be taken away by Team Magma one day so i decided to keep this 3 pokemons for you. This 3 pokemons are one of the few favourites of mine, and I think you will love them too. Use them well.

Tears rolling down her cheek when she saw her own dad's hand writing. Growing up with a scientist never been easy because her dad is always lock up in his lab and she seldom meet him. Fumbling, she takes out the 3 pokeballs and wipes off her tears. Her mum was standing outside the door watching her with a weak smile on her face. Iole turns to look at her mum and know that she is ready to take the world with her 3 pokemons.

The next few days, when she was about to go, her mum pats gently on her shoulder, to give her an extra pokemon to walk along side with her. Its Ralts! Her mum got the pokemon for her birthday but since Iole wont be home to celebrate it, her mum decided to give it to her a few weeks earlier. Looking hopeful, she walks out the door and let her adventure begins.

Preferred Fraction: Civilian


Ralts lvl 4

Squirtle lvl 5

Swablu lvl 5

Shinx lvl 4

Items: Potion x5, Pokeball x5, PokeNav, Rare Candy x 3 ,TM03, TM24, Berry Pouch & Berry Pot.


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Post  Simkin on Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:50 am

Trainer Accepted Very Happy *coughs* Late but well... Smile

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