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Post  Nami Adnerb on Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:44 am

Name:Brendan Hickman
Hometown:Fortree City
Appearence:Shoulder height, black, tassled hair. Various scratches along body, as well as a long jagged cut along left leg. Blue eyes, short, thin nose, skinny, non-muscular. Clean shave, long legs, all black hoodie, jeans. 5'11", 127 lbs.
Personality:Prefers to be alone, unless with good friends. Shy for the first two weeks of knowing people. THINKS he's better than everybody else. Does stuff out of greed, but will not do it if it harms family. Wanders around a lot. Wants world to have more Pokémon.
Biography:It is unknown where he was born, but he was abandoned by his parents at birth, and adopted by a poor family in Fortree. Always treated step parents like real ones. At the age of 7 he ran away, and tried to catch a Pokémon by stealing a Primeir Ball and found a zigzagoon, which attacked him and gave him the scar on his leg. His step father took notice of the theft, and referred him to team aqua. They gave him a mudkip, and three years later a man left a half starving eevee on his doorstep.
Faction:Team  aqua
Starters:Eevee, level 5, and Mudkip, level 10
Items:Premier Ball, and antidote

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