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Post  Shisaku on Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:24 am

Name: Shisaku Kentori

Age: 16

Hometown: Slateport City

Appearance: Caucasian with tanned skin, muscular mostly with usually taped ribs for his own training of body. A pack he carries around that has research supplies, camp equipment, food, his laptop, and his other miscellaneous items/objects.

Personality: Shisaku is always looking for ways to further himself, while maintaining a "good person" type of character . He is careful around new people for he doesn't always know who can or can't be trusted. He always keeps his friends close, keeping close connections in case he ever needs help. He is the kind-hearted guy you would see rushing to the help of somebody.

Background: Shisaku grew up in his hometown of Slateport City with his parents, who operated a PokeMon food stand in the market. Shisaku was always in the city, learning at the school or watching battles take place in the small 'battling courts' at the beachside. At 13, Shisaku was given his first Pokemon by the elderly couple that ran a Day-Care center. He was given an egg first, to care for, which hatched into a Croagunk. Shisaku and Croagunk trained daily, which ignited the dream to travel the world to learn more about Pokemon. Shisaku quickly learned how to fend for himself, doing jobs for people that involved Pokemon. Shisaku only used his services for good intentions, not trying to make himself considered dangerous. In the past few months, has become a lone traveler with his Pokemon, looking for stronger Pokemon, and getting into advanced training.

Preferred Faction:

Starting Pokemon:

Shisaku Kentori 453
Astonish, Mud-Slap, Poison Jab

Shisaku Kentori 403
Tackle, Leer, Thunderbolt

Shisaku Kentori 619
Pound, Meditate

Shisaku Kentori 198
Peck, Astonish

Shisaku Kentori Bag_Potion_SpritePotion x5
Shisaku Kentori Bag_Pok%C3%A9_Ball_SpritePokeball x5
Shisaku Kentori Bag_TM_Electric_SpriteTM#24 Thunderbolt (Broken)
Shisaku Kentori Bag_TM_Poison_SpriteTM#84 Poison Jab (Broken)
PokeNav x1


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