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Post  Nazar on Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:45 am

Name - Nazar Larsson

Age - 21

Hometown - Lilycove - Hoenn region

Trainer level - 1 (0/1000)

Appearance - at only 5ft Nazar is petite in all dimensions. She has long blonde hair that is so fair it almost looks white, her eyes are a pale grey but as cold as stone betraying no emotions at all. Her skin is very pale, so much so that she burns very easily in the slightest of heats. Always dressed in black, she loves wearing very fitted yet long dresses that show off her figure whilst not revealing too many secrets. She clips a belt around her waist to hold balls and berries.

Personality - In a word - cold. She is known for voicing her true opinions and not careing how they are received. If you don't want an honset answer, then don't as her. She's very content in her own company and is not out to make friends, so therefore she doesn't care who she upsets on route to acheiving her goals

Biography - Nazar is the only child of very pushy parents, her father in particular having high expectations of her and mapping her life out for her, e expects her to become a Professor in the nearby Safari Zone. Her mother on the other hand, was not what you would call the maternal type. Using Nazar as a fashion accessory when she was small, Nazar soon learnt to be seen and not heard and that she enjoyed her own company. Her mother was very quick to criticize and rarely handed out praise, as a resulf Nazar learnt that in order to avoid disappointment then she must only rely upon herself.

In her early teen she tried to please her father, going out to research in the safari zone everyday. It is here she came across an injured Houndour and took him home one evening. Knowing her parents feelings about pokemon in the house, she secretly nurses it back to health at night in her bedroom. After a few months it slowly comes to trust her and started to respond to the late night training sesions and eventually sleeping on the foot of her bed every night.

Nazar's late teens were spend leading a double life, Safari Zone Researcher by day, trainer by night. Over the years, as well as Rowan her houndour, she trains a mudkip and shuppet. The most recent addition to her collection is and elusive Kecleon.

Pokemon -
Houndour (Rowan) - Level 8
Nazar Larsson Rowan
move set - Leer, Ember, Howl, Smog

Mudkip (Tyson) - Level 5
Nazar Larsson Tyson-1
move set - Tackle, Growl

Shuppet (Agnus) - Level 4
Nazar Larsson Agnus-1
move set - Screech

Kecleon (Kezzing) - Level 3
Nazar Larsson Kezzing-1
move set - Scratch, Thief, Tail whip, Astonish

Faction - Team Aqua

Items -
Pokeball x5
potion x5
Rarecandy x3


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Post  Simkin on Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:33 am

I assume Berry Pouch and Rare Candy was your two additional starting items? If so it would be Rare Candy x1. Other then that, welcome. Trainer Accepted

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