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Name: Shimizu Kamishiro
Age: 18
Hometown : Eterna City - Sinnoh
Gender: Male
Personality: Manipulative, Cunning, Charming, Mysterious
Likes: Fire, Chaos, Piano
Dislikes: People

Appearance :

Shimizu also known as Cyrus Jr, is 186cm height, weighing around 75kilograms. He has a dragon tattoo right above his forearm. His shiny bright blue hairs with a red end make him recognizable easily from the crowd. The dark blue eyes which makes his feature mysterious but when he smiles, the cheekiness and charming smiles that able for him to get away from anything. He often wears a Harrington jacket with a black slip on turtle neck woolly shirt underneath, long comfortable beige slacks and black boots.

Shimizu is the famous lady killer and also the most wanted bandit. He has great charming skills with seductive moves which instantly helps him in every possible way to have what he wants. He gets to manipulate people and things according to his own will; moreover his cunningness makes him a very sly boy since at young age. He have every great possibly skills from the world which include athletic, fighting and also instrumental. He loves chaos, and fire, seeing both makes him the happiest. He hates people, seeing them fight till their death would be one of his favourite pastimes. Despite all his charm, thieving and the hatred towards people, he is a very mysterious guy because you can’t really tell what he really wants.


Part 1: Painful Past;

Shimizu was at the age of 3 when he was left at the orphanage doorstep. Brought up by the harsh environment and lack of love from the orphanage caretaker, he kept all his emotion inside him. Often coop up in his own room, alone with his toys, creating his own world, far from the shouts and torments from his orphanage caretaker.
At the age of 5, he finally gets to go out and study in a public school, but he was skinner and smaller than most boys in his school, making him a target for the bullies. Despite the bruises he got being tackled by the pokemons, he finally stole a few empty pokeballs from his classmates and try his luck on capturing his first ever pokemon; Evee.

Part 2: A trusted friend;

It was lunch break, when he decided to skip it and crawls into the forest next to his school, where he hear stories from his classmates, the forest have loads of wild pokemon waiting to be capture, but the part he didn’t know is when you can’t just capture a wild pokemon empty handed.

But he was in luck, while searching for a wild pokemon, crawling low in the grass, like a hunter hunting for its prey, his ears sharper than ever, his eyes squinting hoping to see or hear any slight movement around him, then suddenly he heard a muffled crying voice nearby. Digging his fingers into the ground, he crawls slowly and carefully towards the sound. It gets louder and louder, finally a small shadow appears not so far away from where he is. A small figure like a fox, trying to get away from something seems to look like a trap.

This is it. That is mine. He was greedy and wants to throw his pokeball onto the wild Evee. So he stood up, as the wild Evee struggles for its life even more, but something hit his senses when he looks at the poor creature looks and its cry. He grips onto his pokeball hard, white knuckles begins to appear, it was a just a short distance between him and the Evee, it supposed to be easy to capture the wild pokemon, but he stop.

Letting go of the pokeball, he kneels down slowly, going towards the injured Evee, he softly place his hand onto the wild Evee, but it bites onto his hand hard. Wincing at the bite, he pull back his hand, but this time he give his all to pull apart the trap and Evee escapes from it, running away from him fast but limping.

He watches the wild pokemon runs away, as he leans back against the tree, with his bleeding hand against his forehead. Ugh, why did I just do that? It must be the dumbest thing a person would do. He slides down against the tree and sits right on the bottom of the shades, the school bell rings not far from the compound, letting him know that recess is over.

Not wanting to go back to class with a bleeding hand, he just sat there under the shades, a sudden movement startle him. His eyes lid split apart, fully aware that he is still in the forest filled with wild pokemon, he looks down at what touches him. It was the Evee from earlier. It is sitting right beside him, with its fluffy tail brushing against his leg. He is confused and bedazzled over this wild Evee, wasn’t sure what to do, he remove his bleeding hand from his head and reach over the wild Evee. As he does so, the wild Evee runs raises its legs and allow him to touch it.

There is when a smile finally appears on Shimizu’s face. The ONLY sincere warm smile he ever had.

Part 3: Growing up into the darkness;

Since then, he brought Evee back home and heals him back to health, and day by day, after school he will get back to his own room and train with Evee. All he wanted is revenge on whoever picked on him in school. He soon becomes the bully in his school and no one dares to pick on him. Regardless of being a bully in school, he aced all his studies and gotten to be the top student with every teacher’s favourite boy.

When at the age of 12, he finally gets to go to a very famous boarding school that only accepts students who have high qualifications on both academics and pokemons. He was excited to go into that school but fate decided to change it as one fine day when he was training with his Evee, a loud ramble and shots was heard from downstairs. His instinct told him to be vary, so he kept Evee into his pokeball then place it nicely on his belt before peeking outside of his room.

To his horror, Team Galactic had taken over the orphanage, well technically all over the town. The orphanage caretaker’s pokemon was no match for theirs. Team Galactic was merciless, kidnapping every kid in the house, floors by floors they search, each room screams will be heard, Shimizu was just standing there with no emotion. His eyes were cold, not a cry or scream was heard from him. One of the Team Galactic grunts, saw Shimizu and grab him by his arm roughly, but Shimizu shows no emotion and follows the grunt.

Somehow due to his emotionless expression, Team Galactic leader, Cyrus takes interest in Shimizu. His cold eyes and not crying makes Cyrus typically fascinated in keeping him as his own child. This is where Shimizu darkness starts, as his days and years were coated in black and nothingness.

Part 4: who is he now...

He was brought up perfectly by Cyrus. Being adopted by Cyrus was the best thing he ever had. Living in luxury, stealing and taking whatever he wanted. All the best in the world was only for him and him only. Sadly, he was never really happy or satisfied. His smile was never real anymore, he knows nothing about real happiness in the world. All he knows is, he has to steal his way in, or make sure everything goes his way or it’s a no way.

Despite being spoilt like a brat by Cyrus, Shimizu grows up to be a very handsome young man at the age of 18. Cyrus always wanted Shimizu to take over his place in Team Galactic, but Shimizu is the type who doesn’t really want to be stuck onto one thing only. He is wild and adventures and don’t forget to mention, cunning. He often runs away from his responsibility as part of Team Galactic because he prefer to have freedom to do his own things but there are times, the things he does is pure evil that Cyrus have something to be proud about. The biggest moment for Cyrus was when Shimizu was able to steal 80 rare pokemons from around the world to be given to Cyrus as birthday present.

Preferred Fraction: Team Galactic


Evee lvl 7

Geodude lvl 5

Gible lvl 4

Riolu lvl 4

Items: Potion x5, Pokeball x5, PokeNav

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Welcome! Will Accept once the rest is put up.

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