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Name: Daries Mai

Age: 19

Hometown: Lilycove City

Appearance: Appearance? What is this a dating survey…ok well if you insist. I have long naturally wavy black hair, that I prefer to wear loose and let it blow in the wind, though I will tie it or braid it on occasion. I am 175 cm tall and weigh 54 kilos, and don’t wear makeup, allowing my natural features to speak for themselves. My curves draw all eyes around, especially when I wear the short skirts and strapless tops I prefer. My dark blue eyes may be my strongest feature and tend to be what people remember most.

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Personality: Some would say I am stubborn and hard headed, I prefer determined. I will be the best trainer in the world. I will do anything it takes to get to the top…anything. I will let nothing get in my way to reach my goal, becoming a leader of Team Rocket and have my name on every arena marquis. Don’t cross me, but be prepared to be crossed yourself, I don’t mince words. I am honest with my feelings and life, and not afraid to push myself or my pokes to the edge and beyond to make them the best.

Biography: I grew up on the shores of Lilycove. My father lost his life on a fishing boat when I was 6, and my mother went to work at the motel. She started out cleaning the rooms but quickly moved up to work the night shift at the front desk, thus leaving me on my own most days while she slept. Every coin she made went to put food on the table and I grew up fast and hard, learning to live for myself and I discovered how to get things I needed.

As soon as I was able I started walking the streets, and being a tourist town I found myself hanging around the contest hall, beach and motel. I would scavange the beach for lost items and sell them or return them for reward. I quickly discovered the giving nature of those on holiday, and didn’t hesitate to take advantage. As I got older I spent more time in the hall, watching the trainers, and decieded I would get myself a pokemon no matter what.

A few days later a young boy was playing with his pokeball, and as spoiled rich kids will do, he threw a tantrum, when he didn’t get his way and chucked the ball into the shrubs that line the beach. I watched as they left , the forgotten ball still in the bush, and calmly walked over and pocketed the thing. I watched the missing posters, but never saw it listed, not that I was going to give it back anyhow, but I felt better knowing that it wasn’t missed. Taking it into the woods I pressed the button and was face to snarling face with my first Pokemon, Zangoose.

I trained him hard, getting him to accept me as his new trainer, and after awhile he did, and once he was willing to listen to me without a fuss, we went into a dark cave searching for another. That is where Graveller came from, he was conquered one rainy afternoon after many attempts and Zangoose near coma, but I wouldn’t’ let him give up, and we left, tired but with another pokemon on our belt.

Shuckle was saved from a gang of young males, “summer people”, who were kicking her across the stones on the beach. I have no qualms on working a poke hard to be the best, but abuse is crossing the line no matter what her defense mechanisms are. It took some guts to stand up to them, but a few wiggles, and some right words soon had them all eating out of my hand, and getting them to give me Shuckle, each one thinking they would get something more from it, was no problem.

And Dratini? Oh well I did say that I would do anything to win, um well lets just keep his orgins quiet until the statute of limitations runs out.

Preferred Faction: -Civillian working my way to be accepted to Team Rocket

Starting Pokemon:

Level 5
Daries Mai Dratini

Moves: Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave

Level 9
Daries Mai 335Zangoose]
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Quick Attack, Swords Dance

Level 4
Daries Mai Geodude
Moves: Tackle, Defense Curl, Mud Sport

Level 2
Daries Mai Shuckle
Moves: Withdraw, Constrict, Bide, Struggle Bug

Potion x5
Pokeball x5
Poketch x1
Other: Blue Flute, Pink Apricorn

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First things first, Welcome Smile You kind of snuck in on me today. Second, trainer Approved welcome the World.

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