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Post  Simkin on Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:47 am

Welcome All to the Shoppe! Below are the categories of Items that can be purchased as well as found throughout the world of Pokemon. Some items may be listed under more then one category, thats ok, its mean't to be Smile

Do be aware of the *'s Listed Underneath categories as it will further explain certain items. Those that do not have further explanations do exactly as their Game counterparts.

Evolution Items


Healing Items

*Casteliacone- Is only found in Castelia City.
*Lava Cookie- Is only found in cities that have volcanoes.
*Old Gateau- Is only found in Old Chateau.
*RageCandyBar- Is only found Mahogany Town.

Held Items

*Adamant Orb- Needed in order to Summon Dialga
*Amulet Coin- Only doubles the effect of Pokedollars earned once, no matter how many are owned.
*Drives- Are only for Use with Genosect
*Exp. Share- Doubles the EXP earned for the Pokemon Holding it. But Adds only 1/4 extra if held by multiple Pokemon.
*Griseous Orb- Needed in order to Summon Giratina
*Lustrous Orb- Needed in order to Summon Palkia
*Soul Dew- Needed in order to Summon Latias or Latios.

Key Items

Miscellaneous Items

Vitamin Items


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