Daycare Rules.

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Daycare Rules. Empty Daycare Rules.

Post  Simkin on Mon Oct 17, 2011 2:32 am

Below is list of how the daycare Works.

1. A Trainer can leave a Pokemon here for a cost of $100 PokeDollars.
2. The Max amount of Pokemon that can be left by a trainer is 4.
3. Each day a Pokemon is left into day care it gains 200 Experience.
4. An Additional $50 PokeDollars Each day will be charged at time of pick up of Pokemon.
5. Pokemon that are left at the Daycare of opposite gender, (M) and (F) that spend 10 Days together will have an Egg.
6. Pokemon that are left must not currently be in a Trainers RP Party

Daycare Rules. NewSimCard2

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