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Post  Ehn on Sun Apr 03, 2011 6:51 pm

    Ehn woke up one bright morning and felt as if he couldn't breath right. His chest feeling as if someone, or something, was sitting on it. He managed to force his eye lids open, though the pain from the sunlight blasting through his 2 window home burned, and he almost threw his blanket back over his head. Rubbing his silvery globes he leaned his head forward. Eyesight still fuzzy, he looked at the big mound of fur piled ontop of him. The cause of his chest pain and early rising. As he rubbed the haze from his eyes with one hand, while the other nudged Minny awake, Zo popped his head up over her. They must have been there all night because he felt as if he'd just finished working out.

    A few moments later both pokemon were up and stretching about lazily. Ehn too was being lazy. Still sitting at the edge of the bed and glaring out at the beach, which wasn't far from his place on the outskirts of Sandgem Town. The beach seemed full of life as a flock of Wingull darted to and fro, and a few Pelipper bobbed up and down in the gentle waves. Ehn looked to Minny and Zo, both now finished with breafast and Zo up to his normal antics, morphing to look like her, then back again laughing when she got upset. "Beach time guys," he decided, with a cheerful yip from the others.

    It wasn't often that the trio went anywhere else, since their beach spot was so close to home. But today seemed different. The birds all full of energy, the fish splashing about on the surface of an otherise clear blue sea. Ehn hadn't seen it so alive in awhile, he noted as he caught glimpse of a Gyrados' spiny back creating streaks through an on-coming wave. He smiled as it vanished from site.

     "Nice day out," came an unfamiliar voice from behind. Ehn, still looking out to the ocean, replied, "Sure enough."
"Nice day out to see rare pokemon," the man added. This caught the young man's attention and he turned to face his adressor. At first glance the shorter man seemed sketchy. Wearing a tan trenchcoat, hands tucked into its pockets, a black ball cap and lightly shaded glasses that hid his eyes quite well. Ehn just shrugged, "I would assume it's a great day for all sun-loving pokemon." As he turned back to see Zo chasing Minny, who in turn was chasing a low gliding Wingull.
"Heard anything about rare sightings in the area?" The stranger continued, stepping closer to Ehn, who just responded with a shrug.

    Infact he had heard some whispers in town of a bigger pokemon causing some rukus outside of Jubilife, but whether this guy knew or not, or whether it was true or not, Ehn already had plans to check it out, and wasn't about to tell anyone else about it.

     "I hear Jubilife is buzzing about some fighter-type outside town thats never been seen there before," he chimed in as if on que.
"It's an exciting city, that I'm sure attracts many different types of trainers and pokemon." Ehn replied, still acting uninterested. The man took the hint in stride, "Good day to you then," he said as he turned around and started walking back down Rt 219 to Sandgem. "We'll see eachother again, Ehn." he said aloud, just out of ear shot.

    Even if Ehn heard him, he probably would have shrugged the comment away, as his mind was now set on this idea of a special pokemon as close as Jubilife. With this strange man confirming the mid-day town chatter, he was getting pumped. This could be the first! he kept thinking.
"Zo, Minny, le's go!" he shouted, already turning to head home. Once there he changed quickly, threw his coat into his bag, which was already stocked with pokeballs and potions, and dropping the Poke-St4R cap on his head crooked he looks to his friends, bringing up both their pokeballs.
"So whose walking with me?" A normal question when they actually did venture further than their secluded beach-side property. But today wasn't normal, he could already tell, and both Zo and Minny shunned away, both racing for the door, and both running head long into it. Ehn laughed aloud, then quickly said, "Ok guys, no need to fight, we'll all walk." Which he knew wasn't true, since Minny rarely walked anywhere.

    Sure enough, as soon as he closed the door behind him, pack over his shoulder, ready to go, the minccino hoped up in her normal spot on his shoulder. Ehn could only smile, scritch behind her ear, and accept it. Zo on the other hand was ready to go, still bursting with energy. The small trickster took off running for town, which all of it could be seen from their house, laughing all the way. Again Ehn had expected just that, he always took Zo to town with him, but they were going further this time and he wasn't sure how both the pokemon would react. He wasn't worried though, with his thoughts swirling over random pokemon types and rares this one in particular might be, he had little time to be worried.
"Wait up, punk!" He yelled to Zo before even realizing he had already made it past the tree's and into town. Ehn took off after him, a smile crossing his lips as he lets the atmosphere around him consume him, which meerly fueled his want and need to see this rare sight, everyone was talking about, himself.


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