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Post  Ehn on Sun Apr 03, 2011 1:02 am

Name: Ehnort Do'Urden (;P couldn't think of a last name.)
Age: 20

HomeTown: Sandgem Town

    Standing about 6'0", this lanky individual wears mostly black and white. His silvery blue eyes gleem in the daylight, and almost glow at night, from under his hooded, triple belted, black leather zip-up overcoat. The belt straps never closed and the zipper never shut, reveals his white T-shirt, which is usually tucked neatly into his faded black jeans, kept up with a PokeBall belt buckle. The gloves he wears are fingerless, jet-black, biker gloves, with black boots to match. A diamond adorns his left ear lobe, while an emerald is on his right, the only non-matching peice of equipment he can't go without. Along with the hood on his coat, he also wears a black and white Poke-St4R, one-size-fits-all cap, that never seems to be pointed straight ahead, and covers his poorly highlighted jet black hair.

    In one word, shy. He has lost alot in his child-hood and is very anti-social. Spending most of his time with his pokemon, away from people. Though he won't shun a newcomer, or even his most hated enemy, away, he also won't open up to anyone. Mainly relying on small talk and small quips as his forms of communication. Inside burns a passion to be apart of everything, to see the world, and to conquer anything that might keep him from his dreams, but on the exterior he's a quiet, collected soul, with eyes that seem to stare directly through you.

    Brought up by himself for most of his child-hood age, this rebelious kid proved to be more than any foster mother could handle, much less the one he was provided. With the tragic loss of his parents, unrememberable to the orphan now, he was forced to live in care of his "Aunty Angie".

    Aunty Angie, as called by the 3 foster kids in her care, wasn't of age, or proper health, to run an orphanage when Ehnort, or Ehn as he preferred, was introduced to the small 2 bedroom-1 bath condo at the age of 3. As a child, Ehn grew very close to the house maid's Cinccino "Chi" who would, on occasion, try to groom the poor boy while he slept with her oily tail.

    At the age of 5, Ehn became unseperable friends with Chi. They went out on adventures almost daily, which usually just consisted of Chi bouncing around their yard and the adjoining area, and Ehn gallavanting around with her on a broom stick he pretended was a flying Dragonair. Most of their amusing time together he day-dreamed of being a great trainer, with Dragonair at his side and the mighty Chi dispersing of anything that might wander into his imagination. Finding treasure, which was usually just kitchen utensils, and defeating monsterous Pokemon, or rather piles of sand and leafs, was great fun for both the boy and his friend.

    "Double Team!" Ehn shouted one early morning as his companion squared off against the usual tree trunk. Chi smirks, enjoying these pointless bouts as much as the boy, and splits into several shady forms, all of which start rushing a circle around the wood. "Now use Giga Impact!" Ehn says, and Chi, being more down-to-earth, stops abruptly. All of her shadows catching up to her, looking like a stack of cards being shuffled into place as the double team wears off. The old, or older, pokemon looks plaintifly at her commander and releases a small, but firm "Chi." Ehn raises a brow, tilts his head, and asks "Whaaat?" as he walks to kneel down closer to her. "I've ne'er seen you use the big moves.." the boy pouted gingerly. But Chi, not ready to spend her entire energy for the day in one shot, stood her ground, even crossed her arms, to the boy's complaint. "Fine," the kid said in surrender, "How about a focus blast?" Chi smiled and turned back to face the trunk, both arms spread to the side in ready. Ehn backs up a few steps and smiles, "Double Team, Chi!" And again she splits, several times, and starts her circling again. "Now Focus Blast!" he says, and points toward the stump. A grey-ish aura starts filling the air about the target as Chi starts running faster, then faster still. The chinchilla stops, without rustling any sand or leaves around her, her grey-ish outlined aura seemingly growing taller than a well-fueled bon fire as she slides her right foot away from said target. "Chin-Chi-lO!" she screams, almost too loudly, and jumps, barrel rolling over the batterd wood and slashing at it twice with her tail, cutting deep gashes in either side of its ringed face, before landing. "Nice work, Chi!" the overly excited boy stated as he rushed the other side a few feet away from the stump, "now, my turn" he says quietly as he takes a ball fashioned from string, rubber bands, and a bouncy ball, from his belt. He chucks the ball at the trunk as if he really was catching a fainted pokemon. As it hits the stump, it bounces straight into the air over Chi. She looks up at it with mild regard, but looses sight of it as it crosses the sun in the sky. Blinded, Chi drops her head and rubs her eyes as the fashioned pokeball drops right onto her head with a BOP. Ehn could only laugh then, as the blind and dazed Chi seemed to tense up and fall over after the hit. "I can't catch you, Chi, you already belong to Maloni." Chi rubbed her head as she got up and focused on the laughing boy. "I sorry" he said, not noticing she had started to crouch in a pouncing position. Once he stopped laughing, the pokemon launched herself at him, clearing the previous foe cleanly, and catching Ehn squarely in the chest. They both went down with a PLOP and Chi stood ontop him, both arms crossed. About this time the house maid, Maloni, who had just recently moved in to take care of poor Aunty Angie, rushed out of their house frantically. "HELP!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, "PLEASE!" The kid and pokemon both jump from their play, attention now solely on Maloni. "What's wrong?" Ehnort replied, rushing to Maloni's side. But she paid him no heed, rushing straight for the nearest Poke Center. Ehn stopped and stood there, watching her fast retreat, and didn't understand why she was so frantic, nor would he fully understand the levety of what had happend untill years later.

    Going on 8 now, the taller, lankier Ehn now had a Minccino of his own, "Minny". The off spring of old Chi, who had past away shortly after Aunty Angie. With Chi's passing, Maloni couldn't keep up with house hold chores, much less keep up with 3 kids. None of them could tell whether it was because of Chi, or Angie, but all could tell she was depressed constantly. The stately hood of the orphanage didn't hold well with her, and everything Ehn had known was washed away when the house was sold and they were all forced to move. The boy had also harbored some harsh emotions towards his previous house mom leaving him with an ill suited maid, and nothing else, so when the 4 left, Ehn walked seperate from the rest. Forcing himself away from the only real people he knew. He and Minny lived in a shack near the beach from then on. And by lived, I mean they worked. Hard. To make ends meat for them both.

     One morning Ehn, age 17 now, and quite taller, stepped out of his newly constructed shack. He had finished constructing a second room weeks before, and felt it time to add alittle bit more. Walking through a patch of trees to find some good lumber to work with, he stumbled upon a small, darkly coloured egg. "What in the..." he said, glancing around as he knelt down to it, trying to find some glimpse of any other pokemon around. To his dismay, and later joy, he didn't see anything else out there. He stood back up and looked doubtfully down at the egg, how could it have gotten here? he thought. And without a mother... he continued. "Then we have something in common already," he said aloud, as he scooped the egg up and went walking back toward his home. "I wonder what you are..." he cooly shared, looking to Minny who was just rising for the morning. "Good morning, lazy bones" he said to her, "Look what I got." As he presented the egg to Minny, she retracted somewhat, looking at the egg credulously. "Min Min" she said, slowly placing a paw on the top of it. The small fur ball, as Ehn often called her, then took the egg in both hands and started to shake it. "Cut it out" the man said as he took the delicate thing from her. "It's not for play." Just as his words were dropped from his lips, so too was a part of the egg's shell dropped from the whole. It moved slightly and another crack ran down the side. The movement continued a second later, as Ehn gently placed it on the table. CRACK.....CRACK...CRACK.. came more peices falling off untill the pokemon it stored, a small Zorua, could be seen. Ehn gasps, and Minny jumps to sit infront of him. The egg, now fully away from the pokemon, crumbled into peices as Zorua started moving. Its head turning to both sides, then its gaze resting on Ehn and Minny. "Zorua?" it spoke, almost too faintly to hear, as it got up and started stretching and using its legs. At that moment Ehn knew he had found a new friend, and the three were just that.

    Now, age 20, and finely attuned to his two best friends, Ehnort Do'Urden is finally ready to start his journey toward his ultimate dream. Catching every rare pokemon known to man. Will he do it?

Preferred Faction: Civillian

Starting Pokemon:
Minny the Female Minccino, LV 10
Moves: Pound, Growl, Tickle
Zo the Male Zorua, LV 10
Moves: Fake Tears, Leer, Scratch

Items: Starters + TM 68 and TM 90 + Poketch

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Post  Simkin on Tue Apr 05, 2011 3:29 pm

Ehn awesome to see you! Last name really? XD well if that's what you want to keep. Trainer accepted.

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