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Post  Simkin on Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:51 am

Grading Rubric for the Realm:

In the role of an adventurer, there are certain criteria that must be met for you to grow and for others to enjoy the experience as well. You must show competency in the following areas:

1.Grammar and Spelling- Please, for the love of all that is holy, please do not make our eyes bleed with poor English. We will be grading on the following:

a. Poor Spelling. Points will be deducted for poor spelling. Please check your text speak and l33t speak in at the door. Words like “you “will be spelled out and not reduced to a singular vowel of “u”.

b. Punctuation. Please refrain from using run on sentences or placing any form of punctuation where it need not be. In addition we ask that you not “shout” online by using all caps or excessive question marks or exclamation points at the end of a sentence. However of course in RP a character yelling a move to drive home a point is more then ok, just means a whole post does not need TO BE SHOUTED OUT LIKE THIS!!!!!

c. Wrongful Use of Homonyms. Homonyms are words that sound like another when spoken but have different meanings and use, different spelling and origin. Many people use the wrong form of to, too, and two. Other common mistakes include there, their, they’re, there’s, etc. Please be sure to use the appropriate word for you sentence.

2.Knowledge- Knowledge. This encompasses knowing the intricacies and logistics of how things work in the way of Pokemon to include: battling, traveling, knowing where to obtain specific Pokemon, the details of the city that it pertains to, etc.

3.Imagery- Please be prolific, providing ample detail of the scene you are trying to depict. There is a big difference between the following two sentences:
a. I walk into a town to capture a Pokemon.
b. I arrive at a small sized city that is dominated by evergreen trees where it is rumored that the species of Pokemon I seek lives.

4.Execution- Make the story believable. You cannot do anything out of the confines of your character, its town, your Pokemon, etc. You may not role play that another player or his/her Pokemon is defenseless against you. (This is known as “god moding”). God moding is an automatic failure. By another player we mean another Actual Trainer here on the world. You can however decide how NPC's react, but remember a trainer doesn't win every battle and no pokemon is unbeatable. Also under this category befalls length of the RP, the shorter the RP also to will the score generally be lower.

Grade Ratings

You will get a rating from each RP once it is finished. These Ratings will go either from 1 Star to 5 Stars. An RP Is considered finished whenever you Leave One Town and make it to another, When you finish a scenario (Example: You Went to Mt Coronet to Save A Pokemon or to Help a Professor, etc) Or of course whenever a Trainer says they are finished with an RP.

1 Star Rating- 01,000 Pokemon Experience, 050 Trainer Experience, 01,000 PokeDollars
2 Star Rating- 02,000 Pokemon Experience, 100 Trainer Experience, 02,000 PokeDollars
3 Star Rating- 04,000 Pokemon Experience, 150 Trainer Experience, 05,000 PokeDollars
4 Star Rating- 08,000 Pokemon Experience, 300 Trainer Experience, 08,000 PokeDollars
5 Star Rating- 12,000 Pokemon Experience, 500 Trainer Experience, 10,000 PokeDollars

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