A trip to Goldenrod (Part One)//Tall Grass capture

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A trip to Goldenrod (Part One)//Tall Grass capture Empty A trip to Goldenrod (Part One)//Tall Grass capture

Post  Mieka on Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:02 am

One day and one night's trip had brought Mieka to the city. There was just a grassy area between her, and the welcoming cobble of the city limits. She looked at Brutus, who gave an aura of confidence. Nodding, Mieka took a step in the grass. The first few steps were uneventful, and then, out of nowhere a wild Shellos(M) Appeared!

Mieka threw her arm out and pointed at the wild pokemon. Get him, Brutus! Brutus lept in front of her. He could read Mieka like a book.

Brutus used Tackle! It hit, but it did little damage.
The wild Shellos used water gun, which hit.
Mieka snapped her fingers, and Brutus used Swift. Swift turned out to be Leech seed. Leech seed was super effective, and healed Brutus 5 points of health.
The wild Shellos was at 50% health. Even with leechseed, she feared that Brutus would lose because of the level difference. She did the only thing she could think of, and threw a pokeball (1x).

It moved one..twice..three times...and he broke free, and hit Brutus with water gun again. Leech seed automatically occurred after it's attack. It was super effective. It was about 42%, so Mieka tried again. She threw another pokeball (1x).

Once...twice...three times... The worlds longest pause..and it was captured!
Mieka took out her Pokegear, which had updated with her new capture. She entered in his nickname as Sheldon.

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