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Post  Simkin on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:24 am

Name: Your character's full name, both first and last names, and a middle name if you wish to use one. Please keep things realistic, don't put anything that wouldn't be in a normal person's name in your character's name, such as an everyday object. In a faction, you may use a code name if you wish, but for now a name is required.

Age: Again, please try to keep things realistic here. 14 is the bare minimum. Do not make your character's age out of realistic bounds, and please try to keep things logical. 80-year olds wouldn't go out and join Team Magma.

Hometown: Post their hometown here.

Appearance: Describe what your character looks like. You are only allowed to be a human. A 5 sentence paragraph is the minimum requirement. Be sure to describe your character's height, weight (exact numbers are not required for this, descriptors may be used instead if you are having trouble with thinking up numbers for these), eye colour, hair colour, skin tone, etc. You may post an accompanying piece of artwork such as a drawing or a sprite to go along with your paragraph(s), although this is not required and a paragraph is still required if you choose to do this.

Personality: Describe how your character acts. Their mannerisms, how they act in a tense situation, and other things of the sort are recommended for this section.

Biography: Describe the story of your character's life. Make sure that you explain how you obtained your Pokemon (inherited from family, caught in the wild, etc.), and your motives for selecting your chosen faction. A 5 sentence paragraph minimum applies here.

Preferred Faction: In some cases, this may change throughout the RP. For now, select one of these factions:
-Team Magma
-Team Aqua
-Team Rocket
-Team Plasma

At the beginning of the RP, everyone will be at the lowest rank of their respective faction. As you progress throughout the RP, you will be allowed to shift to another faction if you choose to do so.

Starting Pokemon: Select which Pokemon you would like to start off with. You may select 4 Pokemon maximum, but the combined level of your beginning party cannot exceed 20. The maximum level for a starting Pokemon is 10. You must start off with 2 Pokemon minimum. Shinies are not allowed.

Potion x5
Pokeball x5
Your choice of TWO other Items.
Your choice of ONE of the following: PokeGear x1, PokeNav x1, Poketch x1

*Note that the PokeGear, PokeNav, and Poketch will basically be able to perform all of the same functions as each other. Each will be able to make calls to befriended trainers, coworkers, etc. The only difference between them is basically appearance.

*Note 2, don't crazy on your other two items you aren't starting out with a Rainbow Wing..

Additional Notes: If necessary, post any extra side notes about your character

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