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Post  Mieka on Mon Feb 21, 2011 5:16 am

Name: Mieka Zale
Mieka Zale Bjg5zn
Age: 18 years Old

Hometown: Floaroma Town

Character: Mieka is a blond haired, hazel eyed beauty. Unfortunetly, her looks are always skewed by the angry look that plagues her face. At 5'2'', she looks a lot younger than she is. She can even look harmless. This all stacks against her for social situations, as she is not a friendly person. She is a demented, unhappy, evil person--but towards humans. The one thing she loves more than this world is pokemon. Almost to an obsession; and inhere lies the flaw. She wants all the pokemon for herself.

Mieka can't speak--or doesn't. No one knows. When she was four years old, a bully and his pikachu electrocuted her until her vocal chords swelled. For years, she tried but couldn't form a word, and now, she doesn't bother. She hates people, and is set on conquering mankind, and taking over the pokemon world for herself.

Biography: Mieka grew up in an orphanage, not knowing her mother or father. Coincidently, a few weeks after her encounter with the bully, Mieka found her first friend. A shiny Eevee. He was a sweetie, and she fed him berries. He was level one, so she related to him. It was like he was abandoned too. Everyday, she would go to the same spot, feed him, and play with him. She used her toys to make toys for him, and even skipped meals to see him.

At age 11, Mieka was sent a gift from an unknown person. Inside the box was a single pokeball. Not knowing what it was, she kept it, thinking of using it as another toy. To her dismay, however, when she rolled it to him, a bright white light appeared--he was gone. Mieka cried. She was so beside herself she grabbed the ball and went running to her orphanage mother. She spilled the secret she had been keeping all that time to her. The story was funny to the orphanage mother, who released the evee from the ball to show Mieka that she had caught it. It was at that point, Mieka started going to school to learn about pokemon.

Everyday her Eevee (who she nicknamed Brutus) went with her, never going in the ball that Mieka carried with her. And after 3 hard years of studying, at 14, Mieka set off as a pokemon trainer.

Mieka is currently interested in joining Team Rocket. They have the right idea. Someday, Mieka wants to take it over.

Starting Pokemon: Shiny Eevee [approved] (Named Brutus) Level 7

Items: Potion x5, Pokeball x5, PP up x1, PokeGear x1

Rare Candy x 3
TM 39 x 2
Berry Pouch & Berry Pots


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Post  Simkin on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:03 am

Very Nice! Accepted!

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