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Post  Simkin on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:18 am

A. General Rules

1. Solo roleplays are not permitted. (not implemented yet) You must arrange to play with other members by posting a joining post with acceptance of the Thread Starter (Except for when a Trainers Adventure Begins)
2. Minimum number of players in a roleplay is two.
3. When a roleplay is complete, let a Staff or Mod know so they can read and wait for a mod to reply with their grading response.
4. After you capture or evolve a pokemon, put a spoiler tag at the end of your post, detailing the particular event. Do the same for any TM/Tutor/Egg moves learned.
5. Killing of characters in roleplays is not permitted. Period.

B. Pokemon Capture

Every trainer needs to catch more Pokemon if he/she wants to be a successful Trainer/Co-Ordinator/Pokeathlete/Breeder etc. As such, below is a set of rules that must be followed when capturing a Pokemon.

1. Make sure the location you are in makes sense for the capture. And Make sure the Species is actually found there at that Route or near that Town. (Corresponding Route near town or city)
2. The level of the Pokemon that your character is capturing is set at a lvl 1/4 of the Pokemon used to battle it (to a minimum Lvl of 1 for Caught Pokemon) .
3. There is a two Pokemon capture limit per roleplay per character. This is reduced to one if a mod deems the initial captured Pokemon as "rare".

C. NPCs - Non Player Characters

NPCs: Temporary filler characters used to advance the plot of a particular RP. This can be as simple as a cashier working in a pokemart or a family member making an impromptu phone call. Other times, it can be a minor villain acting as the main antagonist in an RP. Usually, these NPCs are around for one RP, but they can reappear in another later RP. Unless otherwise noted, you shouldn't need permission to create an NPC.

NOTE: Player-created NPCs will require permission from the creator to use (unless otherwise noted). NPCs like the various Nurse Joys/Officer Jennys do not require permission.

1. May be created by any member.
2. There is no limit to how many NPCs can be used in a single roleplay but bear in mind that over-complicating roleplays can result in docking of points from the skill portion of a grading.
3. NPCs are NOT designed to take over from your main character. Don't forget that your main character should carry the spotlight to earn all of the points given out at when roleplays are graded.

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